November 24, 2021  Modification on Period for the Encashment of MDS Checks and Payment through Advice to Debit Account (ADA) under the MDS for the Rest of FY 2021

Download Circular Letter No. 2021-12GAA

October 28, 2021  Guidelines for the Preparation and Reiteration of the Prescribed Submission of the Annual Budget Execution Plans Covering the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Budget

Download Circular Letter No. 2021-11GAA

October 15, 2021  Reiteration of The Deadline for Submission of Agency Request/S for The Release of Additional Funds Requiring the Issuance of SARO/NCA

Download Circular Letter No. 2021-10GAA

October 14, 2021  Adoption of a Recognition Program for Resource Persons on the National Guidelines on Internal Control Systems (NGICS) and Revised Philippine Government Internal Audit Manual (RPGIAM), and Implementing Guidelines for the Purpose

Download Circular Letter No. 2021-9GAA