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 Message from the Secretary

DBM Secretary Official Profile Photo Close Up smallsizeThe COVID-19 pandemic, along with other external pressures and forces beyond our control, tested our resilience as a nation and pushed our resources to the limits. It also challenged us in the government to continue the efficient and effective delivery of public services no matter the circumstances.

As the clamor for good governance, transparency, and accountability grows louder, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) remains steadfast in its commitment to the prudent and judicial allocation of public funds to ensure that no Filipino is left behind – amid the pandemic, through our recovery, and beyond.

The DBM Citizen’s Charter is a testament to its commitment as it contains simplified requirements and streamlined budget and management procedures to reduce red tape and expedite transactions with our stakeholders. This will be complemented by the digitalization of our public financial management system, including the development and implementation of the Budget and Treasury Management System (BTMS) which will facilitate the generation of vital information on all aspect of government financial transactions.

Through our improved service standards, budget reforms, and various digital transformation initiatives, we will strengthen the integrity of our systems, ensure proper oversight to prevent corruption, and speed up inter-agency coordination in line with our pursuit of bureaucratic efficiency.

Rest assured that every member of the DBM family will take the forefront in achieving our end goals: inculcating a culture of excellence, addressing the Filipino people’s immediate and pressing concerns, and making their lives easier – the very core of our Citizen’s Charter.