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    Affirming the Aquino administration’s commitment to invigorate its Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Program, the Department of Budget and Management released P978.4 million to the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI)  for the acquisition of property under the National Housing Association (NHA), in line with plans to jumpstart the Modernization of the Philippine Orthopedic Center (MPOC).

    The MPOC is a recently approved flagship PPP project under the Department of Health, and will be situated in the 58,599-sq m lot that will be transferred from NHA to NKTI. The fund release will serve as initial payment for 24,460.40 sq m of the total NHA property occupied by NKTI in Quezon City, with 8,126 sq m allotted for the POC.

    Once completed, the new orthopedic center will be transformed into the country’s primary center for bone and joints diseases, with a 700-bed capacity.

    “The modernization of the POC—which will be implemented via a public-private partnership—will help bring more specialized and responsive health care services to the Filipino public. The acquisition of the unutilized portion of NKTI’s property is the first crucial step in this initiative, and is part and parcel of the Administration’s goal to boost its public health campaign,” said Abad.

    The 58,599-sq m property under the NHA has already been reserved for NKTI, in accordance with Proclamation No. 2381, dated October 1, 1984. In view of the approval of the MPOC, the NKTI requested funds to buy the property for P2.34 billion, with the total area valued at P40,000 per square meter.

    Furthermore, it was recommended that a down payment be made to NHA, and that the balance due for the rest of the property be amortized annually. The required funds will be included in NKTI’s subsidy.

    “The Aquino administration is keen on advancing its PPP initiatives—including the MPOC—to deepen its private sector engagements and drive more investments into public construction. The work we’re starting with the MPOC will help reinforce this strategy, as well as address the public’s more specific health care requirements,” Abad said.

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