• Budget Execution Document (BED) Form

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    Budget Execution Documents (BEDs)

    • BED 1: Physical and Financial Plan (PFP) – Overall physical (targeted outputs) and financial (estimated obligations/expenditures) plan of the agency consistent with their approved budget level for the year, broken down by quarters.
    • BED 2: Monthly Cash Program – Monthly disbursement requirements of the agency which is the basis for issuance of NCA, Cash Disbursement Ceiling and other disbursement authorities.
    • BED 3: Estimate of Monthly Income – Reflects the estimated income for the year by source, as contained under the Budget of Expenditures and Sources of Financing of the given year.
    • BED 4: List of Not Yet Due and Demandable Obligations – Reflects the level of obligations/expenditures charged against prior years’ budget, for which goods/services/projects are not yet delivered/rendered/completed and accepted as of end of the preceding year.

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