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The Asian Development Bank (ADB), in partnership with the Department of Budget and Management, is implementing the small-scale technical assistance on the National Government Governance Reform Program, which seeks to support the development of the Philippine government’s national governance reform agenda. 

 As part of said Program, the ADB will be conducting a review of the mandates, functions, management systems, and processes of agencies in the Executive Branch in order to provide recommendations on the appropriate roles, mandates, and functions of government agencies to improve efficiency and interoperability of government agencies, among others. 

 In view thereof, the ADB is calling for expressions of interest from qualified parties to serve as institutional development experts on various sectoral areas. For submission of expression of interest and for more details, please click on the following links:  

  1. Culture, Arts, Sports, and Education Institutional Development Expert

  2. Energy, Public Works and Infrastructure, and Transportation Institutional Development Expert

  3. Environment, Water, Land, Other Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Agrarian Reform Institutional Development Expert

  4. Foreign Relations, General Government Administration, Planning, Programming, Finance and Budgeting Institutional Development Expert 

  5. Health and Social Welfare Institutional Development Expert 

  6. Information and Communications Technology and Science and Technology Institutional Development Expert

  7. Justice, Security, National Defense, Interior and Local Government Institutional Development Expert

  8. Trade and Industry, Tourism, and Labor and Employment Institutional Development Expert