Occupational Occupational
  Salary Service Group Series Class
Class Grade Code Code Code ID
------------------------------------------------------ ------- ----------- ----------- ---------- --------
Accountant I 11 02-FS AC A A1
Accountant II 15 02-FS AC A A2
Accountant III 18 02-FS AC A A3
Accountant IV 22 02-FS AC A A4
Accounting Analyst 11 02-FS AC AS AA
Accounting Clerk I 4 02-FS AC AC AC1
Accounting Clerk II 6 02-FS AC AC AC2
Accounting Clerk III 8 02-FS AC AC AC3
Accounting Machine Operator I 5 02-FS AC AMO AMO1
Accounting Machine Operator II 7 02-FS AC AMO AMO2
Accounting Machine Operator III 10 02-FS AC AMO AMO3
Accounts Liquidation Assistant 8 02-FS AL ALO ALA
Accounts Liquidation Officer I 11 02-FS AL ALO ALO1
Accounts Liquidation Officer II 15 02-FS AL ALO ALO2
Accounts Liquidation Officer III 18 02-FS AL ALO ALO3
Accounts Liquidation Officer IV 22 02-FS AL ALO ALO4
Accounts Liquidation Officer V 24 02-FS AL ALO ALO5
Actuarial Researcher 9 12-TT IR AR AR
Acupressure Technician 6 09-MH MT AT AT
Administrative Aide I 1 01-GA ADS ADO ADA1
Administrative Aide II 2 01-GA ADS ADO ADA2
Administrative Aide III 3 01-GA ADS ADO ADA3
Administrative Aide IV 4 01-GA ADS ADO ADA4
Administrative Aide V 5 01-GA ADS ADO ADA5
Administrative Aide VI 6 01-GA ADS ADO ADA6
Administrative Assistant 8 01-GA ADS ADO ADA
Administrative Assistant I 7 01-GA ADS ADO ADAS1
Administrative Assistant II 8 01-GA ADS ADO ADAS2
Administrative Assistant III 9 01-GA ADS ADO ADAS3
Administrative Assistant IV 10 01-GA ADS ADO ADAS4
Administrative Assistant V 11 01-GA ADS ADO ADAS5
Administrative Assistant VI 12 01-GA ADS ADO ADAS6
Administrative Officer I 10 01-GA ADS ADO ADOF1
Administrative Officer I 11 01-GA ADS ADO ADO1
Administrative Officer II 11 01-GA ADS ADO ADOF2
Administrative Officer II 15 01-GA ADS ADO ADO2
Administrative Officer III 14 01-GA ADS ADO ADOF3
Administrative Officer III 18 01-GA ADS ADO ADO3
Administrative Officer IV 15 01-GA ADS ADO ADOF4
Administrative Officer IV 22 01-GA ADS ADO ADO4
Administrative Officer V 18 01-GA ADS ADO ADOF5
Administrative Officer V 24 01-GA ADS ADO ADO5
Administrator I 28 18-ES OM AD AD1
Administrator II 29 18-ES OM AD AD2
Administrator III 30 18-ES OM AD AD3
Advertising Officer I 10 12-TT SPR AVO AVO1
Advertising Officer II 14 12-TT SPR AVO AVO2
Advertising Officer III 18 12-TT SPR AVO AVO3
Advertising Officer IV 20 12-TT SPR AVO AVO4
Aerial Photo Analyst I 12 04-AE CR APA APA1
Aerial Photo Analyst II 16 04-AE CR APA APA2
Agrarian Reform Program Officer I 11 11-AA AGR ARPO0 ARPO1
Agrarian Reform Program Officer II 15 11-AA AGR ARPO ARPO2
Agrarian Reform Program Technologist 10 11-AA AGR ARPT ARPT
Agricultural Center Chief I 18 11-AA AGD ACC ACC1
Agricultural Center Chief II 20 11-AA AGD ACC ACC2
Agricultural Center Chief III 22 11-AA AGD ACC ACC3
Agricultural Center Chief IV 24 11-AA AGD ACC ACC4
Agricultural Products Inspector I 6 11-AA AGD API API1
Agricultural Products Inspector II 8 11-AA AGD API API2
Agricultural Products Inspector III 11 11-AA AGD API API3
Agricultural Technician I 6 11-AA AGD AGT AGT1
Agricultural Technician II 8 11-AA AGD AGT AGT2
Agricultural Technologist 10 11-AA AGD AGTG AGTG
Agriculturist I 11 11-AA AGD AG AG1
Agriculturist II 15 11-AA AGD AG AG2
Air Navigation Services Supervisor 25 04-AE AT ANSS ANSS
Air Navigation System Specialist I 17 04-AE AT ANSS ANSS1
Air Navigation System Specialist II 18 04-AE AT ANSS ANSS2
Air Terminal Supervisor 15 05-TC AV ATS ATS
Air Traffic Controller I 18 05-TC AV ATC ATC1
Air Traffic Controller II 19 05-TC AV ATC ATC2
Air Traffic Services Supervisor 25 05-TC AV ATC ATSS
Air-Conditioning Technician I 6 06-CT MHOR ACT ACT1
Air-Conditioning Technician II 8 06-CT MHOR ACT ACT2
Aircraft Maintenance Technologist I 11 04-AE AMT AMT AMT1
Aircraft Maintenance Technologist II 15 04-AE AMT AMT AMT2
Aircraft Maintenance Technologist III 18 04-AE AMT AMT AMT3
Aircraft Mechanic I 6 06-CT MHOR AM AM1
Aircraft Mechanic II 8 06-CT MHOR AM AM2
Aircraft Mechanic III 11 06-CT MHOR AM AM3
Aircraft Mechanic IV 13 06-CT MHOR AM AM4
Airfield Power Technician I 4 05-TC AV APT APT1
Airfield Power Technician II 6 05-TC AV APT APT2
Airfield Power Technician III 9 05-TC AV APT APT3
Airfield Power Technician IV 11 05-TC AV APT APT4
Airfield Power Technician V 13 05-TC AV APT APT5
Airport Manager I 20 05-TC AV AIM AIM1
Airport Manager II 23 05-TC AV AIM AIM2
Airport Manager III 24 05-TC AV AIM AIM3
Airport Manager IV 26 05-TC AV AIM AIM4
Airport Project Supervisor 17 05-TC AV APS APS
Airways Communications Services Supervisor 25 05-TC AV ACOM ACSS
Airways Communicator I 17 05-TC AV ACOM ACOM1
Airways Communicator II 18 05-TC AV ACOM ACOM2
Ammunition Worker I 2 14-DS OMRR AW AW1
Ammunition Worker II 4 14-DS OMRR AW AW2
Animal Feed Control Officer 13 09-MH V AFCO AFCO
Animal Keeper I 4 13-MP Z AK AK1
Animal Keeper II 6 13-MP Z AK AK2
Animal Keeper III 9 13-MP Z AK AK3
Antenna Rigger 3 05-TC CDOR ANR ANR
Aquacultural Technician I 6 11-AA AQD AQT AQT1
Aquacultural Technician II 8 11-AA AQD AQT AQT2
Aquacultural Technologist 10 11-AA AQD AQTG AQTG
Aquaculturist I 11 11-AA AQD AQ AQ1
Aquaculturist II 15 11-AA AQD AQ AQ2
Architect I 12 04-AE AR ARC ARC1
Architect II 16 04-AE AR ARC ARC2
Architect III 19 04-AE AR ARC ARC3
Architect IV 22 04-AE AR ARC ARC4
Architect V 24 04-AE AR ARC ARC5
Archivist I 10 10-EL ARV ARV ARV1
Archivist II 14 10-EL ARV ARV ARV2
Armorer I 2 14-DS OMRR ARM ARM1
Armorer II 4 14-DS OMRR ARM ARM2
Artificial Limb and Brace Maker I 4 06-CT BW ALBM ALBM1
Artificial Limb and Brace Maker II 6 06-CT BW ALBM ALBM2
Artificial Limb and Brace Maker III 9 06-CT BW ALBM ALBM3
Artist-Illustrator I 6 08-IA I AI AI1
Artist-Illustrator II 8 08-IA I AI AI2
Artist-Illustrator III 11 08-IA I AI AI3
Assessment Clerk I 4 02-FS AM LADO ASCL1
Assessment Clerk II 6 02-FS AM LADO ASCL2
Assessment Clerk III 9 02-FS AM LADO ASCL3
Assistant Cabinet Secretary 29 18-ES CES CABS ACS
Assistant Chef 8 17-MS FOS CF ACF
Assistant Chief Air Navigation System Specialist 23 04-AE AT ANSS ACANSS
Assistant Chief Air Traffic Controller 23 05-TC AV ATC ACATC
Assistant Chief Airways Communicator 23 05-TC AV ACOM ACAC
Assistant Chief of Staff (OVP) 29 18-ES CES CEXS ACSVP
Assistant Chief State Counsel 29 15-LJ SC STCL ACSC
Assistant College Department Head 17 10-EL STCA CDH ACDH
Assistant Commissioner of Internal Revenue 27 18-ES OM DCIR ASCOMIR
Assistant Commissioner, Constitutional Commission 29 18-ES TMG CCMOC ACOM
Assistant Court Administrator of the Supreme Court 30 15-LJ JA DCASC ACASC
Assistant Customs Operations Officer 9 02-FS CO COPO ACOO
Assistant Director-General 29 18-ES TMG DG ADG
Assistant Executive Secretary 29 18-ES CES EXECS AES
Assistant Financial Claims Examiner 7 02-FS BFCP FINCE AFCE
Assistant General Manager 29 18-ES OM GM AGM
Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 29 15-LJ GCC GOVCA AGCC
Assistant Information Officer 8 08-IA ID INFO AIO
Assistant Land Registration Examiner 7 11-AA LREG LARE ALRE
Assistant Launch Service Supervisor 9 05-TC MTS COX ALSS
Assistant Mining Claims Examiner 7 11-AA MCE MINC AMCE
Assistant National Cashier 22 02-FS CH NCASH ANC
Assistant Nutritionist-Dietitian 7 09-MH DT ND AND
Assistant Ombudsman 29 15-LJ GI OMB AO
Assistant Parole Officer 12 07-SS PPA PARO APO
Assistant Press Secretary 29 18-ES CES PRESEC APSEC
Assistant Professor I 15 10-EL SCUT AP AP1
Assistant Professor II 16 10-EL SCUT AP AP2
Assistant Professor III 17 10-EL SCUT AP AP3
Assistant Professor IV 18 10-EL SCUT AP AP4
Assistant Provincial Warden 18 14-DS CSS APW APW
Assistant Regional Cabinet Secretary 27 18-ES RGE ARCS ARCS
Assistant Regional Executive Secretary 27 18-ES RGE ARCS ARES
Assistant Registration Officer 8 07-SS R REGO ARO
Assistant Remote Sensing Technologist 8 11-AA RST RST ARST
Assistant Revenue Officer 9 02-FS RCEP REVO AREVO
Assistant Schools Division Superintendent 25 10-EL STCA SDS ASDS
Assistant Scientist 24 13-MP SD SCIEN ATSCIEN
Assistant Secondary School Principal I 17 10-EL STCA SECSP ASSP1
Assistant Secondary School Principal II 18 10-EL STCA SECSP ASSP2
Assistant Secondary School Principal III 19 10-EL STCA SECSP ASSP3
Assistant Solicitor-General 29 15-LJ SL SOL ASG
Assistant Special School Principal 17 10-EL STCA SPSP ASSP
Assistant Statistical Coordination Officer 9 03-PS STC SCO ASCO
Assistant Statistician 9 03-PS ST STAT ASTAT
Assistant Superintendent of Printing 25 08-IA PAD SVPP ASPR
Assistant Supervisor of Student Teaching 15 10-EL ERPS SVST ASST
Assistant Teachers' Camp Superintendent 22 17-MS LDS TCSUP ATCS
Assistant Traffic Operations Officer 8 14-DS TRO TRFOO ATOO
Assistant Weather Services Chief 22 13-MP WO WSP AWSC
Associate Government Corporate Attorney I 18 15-LJ GCC GOVCA AGCA1
Associate Government Corporate Attorney II 22 15-LJ GCC GOVCA AGCA2
Associate Graft Investigation Officer I 15 15-LJ GI AGIO AGIO1
Associate Graft Investigation Officer II 18 15-LJ GI AGIO AGIO2
Associate Graft Investigation Officer III 22 15-LJ GI AGIO AGIO3
Associate Justice 30 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ AJ
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court 31 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ AJSC
Associate Justice, Court of Appeals 30 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ AJCA
Associate Justice, Sandiganbayan 30 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ AJS
Associate Professor I 19 10-EL SCUT APRO APRO1
Associate Professor II 20 10-EL SCUT APRO APRO2
Associate Professor III 21 10-EL SCUT APRO APRO3
Associate Professor IV 22 10-EL SCUT APRO APRO4
Associate Professor V 23 10-EL SCUT APRO APRO5
Associate Prosecution Attorney I 18 15-LJ PE PROSEC ASPRO1
Associate Prosecution Attorney II 22 15-LJ PE PROSEC ASPRO2
Associate Public Attorney I 18 15-LJ PAT PATTY ASPA1
Associate Public Attorney II 22 15-LJ PAT PATTY ASPA2
Associate Scientist 25 13-MP SD SCIEN ASSCIEN
Associate Solicitor I 18 15-LJ SL SOL ASOL1
Associate Solicitor II 22 15-LJ SL SOL ASOL2
Associate Solicitor III 25 15-LJ SL SOL ASOL3
Associate Special Prosecution Officer I 18 15-LJ SP SPPO ASPO1
Associate Special Prosecution Officer II 22 15-LJ SP SPPO ASPO2
Associate State Counsel I 18 15-LJ SC STCL ASC1
Associate State Counsel II 22 15-LJ SC STCL ASC2
Attache I 19 16-FR AS ACHE ACHE1
Attache II 22 16-FR AS ACHE ACHE2
Attorney I 16 15-LJ ATTY ATY ATY1
Attorney II 18 15-LJ ATTY ATY ATY2
Attorney III 21 15-LJ ATTY ATY ATY3
Attorney IV 23 15-LJ ATTY ATY ATY4
Attorney V 25 15-LJ ATTY ATY ATY5
Attorney VI 26 15-LJ ATTY ATY ATY6
Audio-Visual Aids Technician I 6 08-IA AVEO AVT AVAT1
Audio-Visual Aids Technician II 8 08-IA AVEO AVT AVAT2
Audio-Visual Aids Technician III 10 08-IA AVEO AVT AVAT3
Audio-Visual Aids Technician IV 14 08-IA AVEO AVT AVAT4
Audio-Visual Equipment Operator I 3 08-IA AVEO AVEO AVEO1
Audio-Visual Equipment Operator II 5 08-IA AVEO AVEO AVEO2
Audio-Visual Equipment Operator III 7 08-IA AVEO AVEO AVEO3
Auditing Systems Analyst 11 02-FS AFE ASS AUSA
Auditing Systems Specialist I 13 02-FS AFE ASS ASS1
Auditing Systems Specialist II 16 02-FS AFE ASS ASS2
Automotive Equipment Inspector  I 8 06-CT MHOR AEI AEI1
Automotive Equipment Inspector II 11 06-CT MHOR AEI AEI2
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Assistant I 6 01-GA EJLS ARLSA ARLSA1
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Assistant II 8 01-GA EJLS ARLSA ARLSA2
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer I 11 01-GA EJLS ARLSO ARLSO1
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer II 13 01-GA EJLS ARLSO ARLSO2
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer III 16 01-GA EJLS ARLSO ARLSO3
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer IV 19 01-GA EJLS ARLSO ARLSO4
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer V 22 01-GA EJLS ARLSO ARLSO5
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer VI 24 01-GA EJLS ARLSO ARLSO6
Auxiliary Machine Operator I 4 03-PS IT AXMO AXMO1
Auxiliary Machine Operator II 6 03-PS IT AXMO AXMO2
Auxiliary Machine Operator III 8 03-PS IT AXMO AXMO3
Auxiliary Machine Operator IV 11 03-PS IT AXMO AXMO4
Aviation Safety Regulation Officer I 11 05-TC AV AVSRO AVSRO1
Aviation Safety Regulation Officer II 15 05-TC AV AVSRO AVSRO2
Bacteriologist I 11 13-MP BT BARL BARL1
Bacteriologist II 15 13-MP BT BARL BARL2
Bacteriologist III 18 13-MP BT BARL BARL3
Bacteriologist IV 22 13-MP BT BARL BARL4
Bailiff I 5 14-DS CSS BALF BALF1
Bailiff II 7 14-DS CSS BALF BALF2
Bailiff III 10 14-DS CSS BALF BALF3
Ballistician I 10 14-DS CI BALST BALST1
Ballistician II 14 14-DS CI BALST BALST2
Ballistician III 18 14-DS CI BALST BALST3
Ballistician IV 22 14-DS CI BALST BALST4
Ballistician V 24 14-DS CI BALST BALST5
Bandmaster 9 08-IA MC MUSIC BM
Barangay Health Aide 4 09-MH HPD BHA BHA
Barber 2 17-MS BC BB BB
Bill Collector 5 02-FS CC BC BC
Biological and Feed Products Inspector 8 09-MH V BFPI BFPI
Biologist I 11 13-MP BL BIO BIO1
Biologist II 15 13-MP BL BIO BIO2
Biologist III 18 13-MP BL BIO BIO3
Blacksmith I 4 06-CT MW BLK BLK1
Blacksmith II 6 06-CT MW BLK BLK2
Blacksmith Shop Foreman 9 06-CT MW BLK BLKSF
Board Chairman I 28 18-ES TMG BOACM BOCH1
Board Chairman II 29 18-ES TMG BOACM BOCH2
Board Chairman III 30 18-ES TMG BOACM BOCH3
Board Chairman IV 31 18-ES TMG BOACM BOCH4
Board Governor 29 18-ES TMG BG BG
Board Member I 27 18-ES TMG BOACM BOME1
Board Member II 28 18-ES TMG BOACM BOME2
Board Member III 29 18-ES TMG BOACM BOME3
Board Member IV 30 18-ES TMG BOACM BOME4
Board Secretary I 14 01-GA CBS BS BS1
Board Secretary II 17 01-GA CBS BS BS2
Board Secretary III 20 01-GA CBS BS BS3
Board Secretary IV 22 01-GA CBS BS BS4
Board Secretary V 24 01-GA CBS BS BS5
Board Secretary VI 25 01-GA CBS BS BS6
Boatswain 4 05-TC MTS COX BW
Bookbinder I 2 06-CT PW BKB BB1
Bookbinder II 4 06-CT PW BKB BB2
Bookbinder III 7 06-CT PW BKB BB3
Bookbinder IV 10 06-CT PW BKB BB4
Bookkeeper 8 02-FS AC BKP BKP
Botanist 11 13-MP BL BOTA BOTA
Broadcast Operations Chief 24 08-IA BOPP BOS BOC
Broadcast Operations Supervisor 19 08-IA BOPP BOS BOS
Broadcast Operations Technician I 9 08-IA BOPP BOT BOT1
Broadcast Operations Technician II 11 08-IA BOPP BOT BOT2
Broadcast Operations Technician III 13 08-IA BOPP BOT BOT3
Broadcast Operator I 6 08-IA BOPP BRO BRO1
Broadcast Operator II 8 08-IA BOPP BRO BRO2
Broadcast Production Supervisor 19 08-IA BOPP BOS BROPS
Broadcast Program Producer-Announcer I 12 08-IA BOPP BPPA BPPA1
Broadcast Program Producer-Announcer II 16 08-IA BOPP BPPA BPPA2
Broadcast Program Producer-Announcer III 19 08-IA BOPP BPPA BPPA3
Broadcast Program Traffic Officer 9 08-IA BOPP BPTO BPTO
Broadcast Station Manager 22 08-IA BOPP BSMG BSMG
Budget Analyst 11 02-FS B BUDS BUDA
Budget and Management Analyst 11 02-FS B BMS BMAN
Budget and Management Assistant 9 02-FS B BMS BMAS
Budget and Management Specialist I 13 02-FS B BMS BMS1
Budget and Management Specialist II 16 02-FS B BMS BMS2
Budget Officer I 11 02-FS B BUDO BUDO1
Budget Officer II 15 02-FS B BUDO BUDO2
Budget Officer III 18 02-FS B BUDO BUDO3
Budget Officer IV 22 02-FS B BUDO BUDO4
Budget Officer V 24 02-FS B BUDO BUDO5
Budget Specialist I 13 02-FS B BUDS BUDS1
Budget Specialist II 16 02-FS B BUDS BUDS2
Budgeting Aide 4 02-FS B BUDO BAI
Budgeting Assistant 8 02-FS B BUDO BAS
Building Inspector 11 04-AE BR BLDG BLDGI
Building Official 24 04-AE BR BLDG BLDGO
Building Pest Control Officer 7 09-MH PC BPCO BPCO
Building Regulations Coordinator 19 04-AE BR BLDG BLDGR
Buyer I 4 01-GA SUM BY BY1
Buyer II 6 01-GA SUM BY BY2
Buyer III 9 01-GA SUM BY BY3
Buyer IV 11 01-GA SUM BY BY4
Buyer V 13 01-GA SUM BY BY5
Cabin Crew Examiner I 11 05-TC AV CCE CCE1
Cabin Crew Examiner II 13 05-TC AV CCE CCE2
Cabinet Secretary 31 18-ES CES CABS CABS
Cabinet Undersecretary 30 18-ES CES CABS CABUS
Carpenter Foreman 8 06-CT BGHC C CPF
Carpenter General Foreman 10 06-CT BGHC C CPGF
Carpenter I 3 06-CT BGHC C CP1
Carpenter II 5 06-CT BGHC C CP2
Cartographer I 6 04-AE CR CGR CGR1
Cartographer II 8 04-AE CR CGR CGR2
Cartographer III 11 04-AE CR CGR CGR3
Cartographer IV 15 04-AE CR CGR CGR4
Cartographer V 19 04-AE CR CGR CGR5
Cash Clerk I 4 02-FS CH CHC CHC1
Cash Clerk II 6 02-FS CH CHC CHC2
Cash Clerk III 8 02-FS CH CHC CHC3
Cashier I 10 02-FS CH CASH CASH1
Cashier II 14 02-FS CH CASH CASH2
Cashier III 18 02-FS CH CASH CASH3
Cashier IV 22 02-FS CH CASH CASH4
Cashier V 24 02-FS CH CASH CASH5
Cemetery Caretaker 2 06-CT GUS CMC CMC
Chairman, Constitutional Commission 31 18-ES TMG CCMOC CCCM
Chairman, Police Regional Appellate Board 27 14-DS PA CPRAB CPRAB
Chancellor I 28 10-EL STCA CHL CHL1
Chancellor II 29 10-EL STCA CHL CHL2
Chancellor III 30 10-EL STCA CHL CHL3
Chaplain 16 07-SS RG CLAIN CLAIN
Chauffeur I 5 05-TC AEO CFER CFER1
Chauffeur II 6 05-TC AEO CFER CFER2
Chauffeur III 7 05-TC AEO CFER CFER3
Chauffeur IV 8 05-TC AEO CFER CFER4
Check Flight Radio Operator 11 05-TC AV CFRO CFRO
Check Pilot I 19 05-TC AV CPLT CPLT1
Check Pilot II 21 05-TC AV CPLT CPLT2
Check Pilot III 22 05-TC AV CPLT CPLT3
Check Pilot IV 23 05-TC AV CPLT CPLT4
Chef 11 17-MS FOS CF CF
Chemist I 11 13-MP C CMT CMT1
Chemist II 15 13-MP C CMT CMT2
Chemist III 18 13-MP C CMT CMT3
Chemist IV 22 13-MP C CMT CMT4
Chemist V 24 13-MP C CMT CMT5
Chief Accountant 24 02-FS AC A CACT
Chief Administrative Officer 24 01-GA ADS ADO CADOF
Chief Agrarian Reform Program Officer 24 11-AA AGR ARPO CARPO
Chief Agriculturist 24 11-AA AGD AG CAGR
Chief Air Navigation System Specialist 24 04-AE AT ANSS CANSS
Chief Air Traffic Controller 24 05-TC AV ATC CATC
Chief Airways Communicator 24 05-TC AV ACOM CAC
Chief Aquaculturist 24 11-AA AQD AQ CAQT
Chief Archivist 24 10-EL ARV ARV CART
Chief Auditing Systems Specialist 24 02-FS AFE ASS CASS
Chief Aviation Safety Regulation Officer 24 05-TC AV AVSRO CASRD
Chief Bookbinder 18 06-CT PW BKB CBKD
Chief Budget and Management Specialist 24 02-FS B BMS CBMS
Chief Communications Development Officer 24 05-TC CDOR COMDO CCDO
Chief Cooperatives Development  Specialist 24 12-TT CD CODES CCDS
Chief Customs Operations Officer 24 02-FS CO COPO CCOO
Chief Defense Research Officer 24 14-DS DR DRO CDRO
Chief Economic Development Specialist 24 03-PS ED EDS CEDS
Chief Ecosystems Management Specialist 24 11-AA EERM ECOMS CECMS
Chief Education Program Specialist 24 10-EL ERPS EPS CEPS
Chief Education Supervisor 24 10-EL ERPS ES CES
Chief Electrotyper 18 06-CT PMO ETYP CE
Chief Emigrant Services Officer 24 07-SS ES ESO CESO
Chief Energy Regulation Officer 24 11-AA ER ERO CERO
Chief Environmental Management Specialist 24 11-AA EERM EMS CEVNMS
Chief Executive Staff 28 18-ES CES CEXS CEXS
Chief Fiber Development Officer 24 11-AA FD FIDO CFDO
Chief Fidelity Bond Examiner 24 02-FS BFCP FIBEX CFBE
Chief Financial Management Specialist 24 02-FS FO FOMS CFMS
Chief Fishing Regulations Officer 24 11-AA AQD FIRO CFHRO
Chief Foreign Affairs Research Specialist 24 16-FR FAR FOARS CFARS
Chief Forest Management Specialist 24 11-AA FA FMS CFMOS
Chief Geologist 24 13-MP G GEOL CG
Chief Health Program Officer 24 09-MH HPD HPO CHPO
Chief Historic Sites Development Officer 24 10-EL HSD HISDO CHSDO
Chief History Researcher 24 10-EL HR HTRYR CHR
Chief Home Management Specialist 24 07-SS HM HOMT CHMS
Chief Immigration Officer 24 07-SS IMR IMGO CIO
Chief Industrial Design Specialist 24 08-IA I IND CIDS
Chief Insurance Specialist 24 12-TT IR INS CIS
Chief Investments Specialist 24 12-TT IA IMENTS CINS
Chief Judicial Staff Officer 25 01-GA EJLS JS CJSO
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 32 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ CJSC
Chief Justice Staff Head 29 01-GA EJLS JS CJSH
Chief Labor and Employment Officer 24 07-SS LEMD LEO CLEO
Chief Language Researcher 24 10-EL LRES LANRE CLR
Chief Legislative Staff Officer 25 01-GA EJLS LSO CLSO
Chief Local Treasury Examiner 24 02-FS AFE LTEX CLTE
Chief Manpower Development Officer 24 07-SS LEMD MDO CMDO
Chief Maritime Industry Development  Specialist 24 05-TC MTS MIDS CMIDS
Chief Meat Control Officer 24 09-MH V MCO CMCO
Chief Metallurgist 24 13-MP ML MTLL CM
Chief of Hospital I 24 09-MH M CH CH1
Chief of Hospital II 25 09-MH M CH CH2
Chief of Hospital III 26 09-MH M CH CH3
Chief of Medical Professional Staff I 25 09-MH M COMPS COMPS1
Chief of Medical Professional Staff II 26 09-MH M COMPS COMPS2
Chief of Mission, Class I 29 16-FR FS CMIC CMIC1
Chief of Mission, Class II 27 16-FR FS CMIC CMIC2
Chief of Sanitarium I 24 09-MH M CS CS1
Chief of Sanitarium II 25 09-MH M CS CS2
Chief of Sanitarium III 26 09-MH M CS CS3
Chief of Staff (OVP) 30 18-ES CES CSFVP CSFVP
Chief Parole Officer 25 07-SS PPA PARO CPO
Chief Penal Institution Program Officer 24 07-SS PIM PIPO CPIPO
Chief Personnel Specialist 24 01-GA HRM PS CPS
Chief Photoengraver 18 06-CT PMO PHOEN CPG
Chief Political Affairs Officer 26 07-SS PAF PAO CPAO
Chief Postal Service Officer 24 05-TC CDOR POST CPSO
Chief Pressman 18 06-CT PMO HPMAN CPM
Chief Probation Officer 24 07-SS PPA PROB CPRO
Chief Professional Regulations Officer 24 07-SS PR PREGO CPREGO
Chief Prosecutor 30 15-LJ PE PROSEC CPROS
Chief Public Attorney 30 15-LJ PAT PATTY CPATY
Chief Public Utilities Regulation Officer 24 05-TC PUAR PURO CPURO
Chief Records Management Analyst 24 01-GA RM RM CRMA
Chief Remote Sensing Technologist 24 11-AA RST RST CRST
Chief Revenue Officer I 20 02-FS RCEP REVO CRO1
Chief Revenue Officer II 21 02-FS RCEP REVO CRO2
Chief Revenue Officer III 22 02-FS RCEP REVO CRO3
Chief Revenue Officer IV 24 02-FS RCEP REVO CRO4
Chief Scholarship Affairs Officer 24 01-GA HRM SAO CSAO
Chief Science Research Specialist 24 13-MP SD SRAS CSRS
Chief Securities and Exchange Specialist 24 12-TT SER SECS CSES
Chief Shipbuilding Specialist 24 05-TC MTS SHS CSS
Chief Shipping Operations Specialist 24 05-TC MTS SHOS CSOS
Chief Shrine Curator 24 10-EL MSC SC CSC
Chief Sports and Games Regulation Officer 24 08-IA SDGR SGREGO CSGRO
Chief State Counsel 30 15-LJ SC STCL CSTC
Chief Tariff Specialist 24 02-FS RCEP TS CTS
Chief Tax Specialist 24 02-FS RCEP TXS CTXS
Chief Technical Audit Specialist 24 02-FS AFE TASP CTAS
Chief Technical Education and Skills Development Specialist 24 07-SS TESD TESDS CTESDS
Chief Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer 24 05-TC CDOR TELTSO CTTSO
Chief Tourism Operations Officer 24 12-TT TO TOO CTOO
Chief Trade-Industry Development Specialist 24 12-TT TIDR SRTIDS CTIDS
Chief Transportation Development Officer 24 05-TC TDR TRNSDO CTDO
Chief Transportation Regulation Officer 24 05-TC TDR TRNSRO CTRO
Chief Treasury Operations Officer I 21 02-FS TREO TROO CTROO1
Chief Treasury Operations Officer I 22 02-FS TREO TROO CTREOO1
Chief Treasury Operations Officer II 24 02-FS TREO TROO CTREOO2
Chief Typesetter 18 06-CT PMO TYPS CT
Chief Veterans Assistance Officer 24 07-SS VA VETAO CVAO
Chief Volunteer Service Officer 24 07-SS SWD VOLSO CVSO
Chief Water Resources Development Officer 24 04-AE WRSD WSDO CWRDO
Cinematographer I 10 08-IA MMP CMG CMG1
Cinematographer II 14 08-IA MMP CMG CMG2
Cinematographer III 16 08-IA MMP CMG CMG3
Cinematographer IV 18 08-IA MMP CMG CMG4
City Government Assistant Department Head I 23 18-ES LEXE CGADH CGADH1
City Government Assistant Department Head II 24 18-ES LEXE CGADH CGADH2
City Government Assistant Department Head III 25 18-ES LEXE CGADH CGADH3
City Government Department Head I 25 18-ES LEXE CGDH CGDH1
City Government Department Head II 26 18-ES LEXE CGDH CGDH2
City Government Department Head III 27 18-ES LEXE CGDH CGDH3
City Government Office Head 26 18-ES LEXE CGOH CGOH
City Health Officer I 24 09-MH M CHO CHO1
City Health Officer II 25 09-MH M CHO CHO2
City Health Officer III 26 09-MH M CHO CHO3
City Mayor 30 18-ES LEXE CIMA CIMA
City Trial Court Judge 27 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ CTCJ
City Vice Mayor I 26 18-ES LEXE CVM CVM1
City Vice Mayor II 28 18-ES LEXE CVM CVM2
Civil Defense Assistant 8 14-DS CDA CDO CDA
Civil Defense Officer I 11 14-DS CDA CDO CDO1
Civil Defense Officer II 15 14-DS CDA CDO CDO2
Civil Defense Officer III 18 14-DS CDA CDO CDO3
Civil Defense Officer IV 22 14-DS CDA CDO CDO4
Civil Defense Officer V 24 14-DS CDA CDO CDO5
Clearing Officer 11 02-FS CH CLO CLO
Clerk I 3 01-GA CSET CK CK1
Clerk II 4 01-GA CSET CK CK2
Clerk III 6 01-GA CSET CK CK3
Clerk IV 8 01-GA CSET CK CK4
Clerk of Court I 15 15-LJ JA CKC CKC1
Clerk of Court II 18 15-LJ JA CKC CKC2
Clerk of Court III 22 15-LJ JA CKC CKC3
Clerk of Court IV 23 15-LJ JA CKC CKC4
Clerk of Court V 24 15-LJ JA CKC CKC5
Clerk of Court VI 25 15-LJ JA CKC CKC6
Clerk of Court VII 26 15-LJ JA CKC CKC7
Clerk of the Commission 27 18-ES OM CKCOM CKCOM
Clerk of the Electoral Tribunal 30 15-LJ JA CET CET
Clothes Designer 8 06-CT BW CLD CLD
Collector of Customs I 21 02-FS CO COC COC1
Collector of Customs II 22 02-FS CO COC COC2
Collector of Customs III 23 02-FS CO COC COC3
Collector of Customs IV 24 02-FS CO COC COC4
Collector of Customs V 25 02-FS CO COC COC5
Collector of Customs VI 26 02-FS CO COC COC6
College Administrator I 25 10-EL STCA CAD CAD1
College Administrator II 26 10-EL STCA CAD CAD2
College Business Manager I 16 10-EL STCA CBM CBM1
College Business Manager II 19 10-EL STCA CBM CBM2
College Business Manager III 22 10-EL STCA CBM CBM3
College Business Manager IV 24 10-EL STCA CBM CBM4
College Department Head 20 10-EL STCA CDH CDH
College Librarian I 13 10-EL LIS CL CL1
College Librarian II 15 10-EL LIS CL CL2
College Librarian III 18 10-EL LIS CL CL3
College Librarian IV 22 10-EL LIS CL CL4
College Librarian V 24 10-EL LIS CL CL5
College Professor 29 10-EL SCUT CP CP
Color Separation Technician I 6 08-IA PH CST CST1
Color Separation Technician II 8 08-IA PH CST CST2
Commission Chairman I 28 18-ES TMG COMCM COCH1
Commission Chairman II 29 18-ES TMG COMCM COCH2
Commission Chairman III 30 18-ES TMG COMCM COCH3
Commission Chairman IV 31 18-ES TMG COMCM COCH4
Commission Member I 27 18-ES TMG COMCM COME1
Commission Member II 28 18-ES TMG COMCM COME2
Commission Member III 29 18-ES TMG COMCM COME3
Commission Member IV 30 18-ES TMG COMCM COME4
Commissioner I 28 18-ES OM COM COM1
Commissioner II 29 18-ES OM COM COM2
Commissioner III 30 18-ES OM COM COM3
Commissioner of Customs 30 18-ES OM DCC CCTM
Commissioner of Internal Revenue 30 18-ES OM DCIR CIR
Commissioner, Constitutional Commission 30 18-ES TMG CCMOC COMCC
Communications Development Officer I 11 05-TC CDOR COMDO COMDO1
Communications Development Officer II 15 05-TC CDOR COMDO COMDO2
Communications Equipment Inspector I 8 05-TC CDOR CEI CEI1
Communications Equipment Inspector II 11 05-TC CDOR CEI CEI2
Communications Equipment Operator I 4 05-TC CDOR CEO CEO1
Communications Equipment Operator II 6 05-TC CDOR CEO CEO2
Communications Equipment Operator III 9 05-TC CDOR CEO CEO3
Communications Equipment Operator IV 11 05-TC CDOR CEO CEO4
Communications Equipment Operator V 13 05-TC CDOR CEO CEO5
Community Affairs Assistant I 5 07-SS CAD CAO CAA1
Community Affairs Assistant II 8 07-SS CAD CAO CAA2
Community Affairs Officer I 11 07-SS CAD CAO CAO1
Community Affairs Officer II 15 07-SS CAD CAO CAO2
Community Affairs Officer III 18 07-SS CAD CAO CAO3
Community Affairs Officer IV 22 07-SS CAD CAO CAO4
Community Affairs Officer V 24 07-SS CAD CAO CAO5
Community Development Assistant I 7 07-SS CAD CDVO CDA1
Community Development Assistant II 9 07-SS CAD CDVO CDA2
Community Development Officer I 11 07-SS CAD CDVO CDVO1
Community Development Officer II 15 07-SS CAD CDVO CDVO2
Community Development Officer III 18 07-SS CAD CDVO CDVO3
Community Development Officer IV 22 07-SS CAD CDVO CDVO4
Community Development Officer V 24 07-SS CAD CDVO CDVO5
Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer 24 11-AA EERM EMS CENRO
Computer File Librarian I 8 03-PS IT CFL CFL1
Computer File Librarian II 10 03-PS IT CFL CFL2
Computer File Librarian III 12 03-PS IT CFL CFL3
Computer Maintenance Technologist I 11 03-PS IT CTMT CTMT1
Computer Maintenance Technologist II 15 03-PS IT CTMT CTMT2
Computer Maintenance Technologist III 17 03-PS IT CTMT CTMT3
Computer Operator I 7 03-PS IT COMPO COMPO1
Computer Operator II 9 03-PS IT COMPO COMPO2
Computer Operator III 12 03-PS IT COMPO COMPO3
Computer Operator IV 14 03-PS IT COMPO COMPO4
Computer Programmer I 11 03-PS IT COMPRO COMPRO1
Computer Programmer II 15 03-PS IT COMPRO COMPRO2
Computer Programmer III 18 03-PS IT COMPRO COMPRO3
Conciliator 25 07-SS LCMA CLT CLT
Conciliator-Mediator 25 07-SS LCMA CLTM CLTM
Construction and Maintenance Capataz 5 06-CT BGHC CMM CMCZ
Construction and Maintenance Foreman 8 06-CT BGHC CMM CMF
Construction and Maintenance General Foreman 11 06-CT BGHC CMM CMGF
Construction and Maintenance Man 2 06-CT BGHC CMM CMM
Construction Equipment Operator 4 06-CT BGHC CEOP CEOP
Contested Ballot Box Custodian I 8 07-SS EAD CBBC CBBC1
Contested Ballot Box Custodian II 10 07-SS EAD CBBC CBBC2
Cook I 3 17-MS FOS COK COK1
Cook II 5 17-MS FOS COK COK2
Cooperatives Development Specialist I 11 12-TT CD CODES CODES1
Cooperatives Development Specialist II 15 12-TT CD CODES CODES2
Copy Reader 7 08-IA PF CPYR CPYR
Copyright Examiner 11 12-TT PTCE CPYE CPYE
Core Driller I 3 06-CT GUS CODL CODL1
Core Driller II 5 06-CT GUS CODL CODL2
Council Chairman I 28 18-ES TMG COUCM COUCH1
Council Chairman II 29 18-ES TMG COUCM COUCH2
Council Chairman III 30 18-ES TMG COUCM COUCH3
Council Chairman IV 31 18-ES TMG COUCM COUCH4
Council Member I 27 18-ES TMG COUCM COUME1
Council Member II 28 18-ES TMG COUCM COUME2
Council Member III 29 18-ES TMG COUCM COUME3
Council Member IV 30 18-ES TMG COUCM COUME4
Counsellor 26 16-FR FS CSLR CSLR
Court Administrator of the Supreme Court 30 15-LJ JA DCASC CASC
Court Attorney I 22 15-LJ JA CTAT CTAT1
Court Attorney II 23 15-LJ JA CTAT CTAT2
Court Attorney III 24 15-LJ JA CTAT CTAT3
Court Attorney IV 25 15-LJ JA CTAT CTAT4
Court Attorney V 26 15-LJ JA CTAT CTAT5
Court Attorney VI 27 15-LJ JA CTAT CTAT6
Court Legal Researcher I 12 15-LJ JA CLR CLR1
Court Legal Researcher II 15 15-LJ JA CLR CLR2
Court Legal Researcher III 18 15-LJ JA CLR CLR3
Court of Appeals Reporter I 26 15-LJ JA CAR CAR1
Court of Appeals Reporter II 27 15-LJ JA CAR CAR2
Court Secretary I 14 01-GA CBS BS CSTR1
Court Secretary II 17 01-GA CBS BS CSTR2
Court Stenographer I 8 01-GA CSET CSTG CSTG1
Court Stenographer II 10 01-GA CSET CSTG CSTG2
Court Stenographer III 12 01-GA CSET CSTG CSTG3
Court Stenographer IV 14 01-GA CSET CSTG CSTG4
Coxswain 3 05-TC MTS COX COX
Crafts and Trades Helper 1 06-CT GUS CTH CTH
Crafts Education Demonstrator I 10 10-EL ERPS CEDO CEDD1
Crafts Education Demonstrator II 12 10-EL ERPS CEDO CEDD2
Creative Arts Specialist I 11 08-IA I CAS CASL1
Creative Arts Specialist II 15 08-IA I CAS CASL2
Creative Arts Specialist III 18 08-IA I CAS CASL3
Creative Arts Specialist IV 22 08-IA I CAS CASL4
Creative Arts Specialist V 24 08-IA I CAS CASL5
Credit Officer I 9 02-FS CC CROF CROF1
Credit Officer II 11 02-FS CC CROF CROF2
Credit Officer III 15 02-FS CC CROF CROF3
Credit Officer IV 18 02-FS CC CROF CROF4
Crime Investigator I 11 14-DS CI CRIG CRIG1
Crime Investigator II 15 14-DS CI CRIG CRIG2
Crime Investigator III 18 14-DS CI CRIG CRIG3
Crime Investigator IV 22 14-DS CI CRIG CRIG4
Crime Investigator V 24 14-DS CI CRIG CRIG5
Cryptanalyst 11 14-DS FDE CYLY CYLY
Customs Gatekeeper 3 14-DS CSS CGTK CGTK
Customs Operations Officer I 11 02-FS CO COPO COPO1
Customs Operations Officer II 13 02-FS CO COPO COPO2
Customs Operations Officer III 16 02-FS CO COPO COPO3
Customs Operations Officer IV 18 02-FS CO COPO COPO4
Customs Operations Officer V 20 02-FS CO COPO COPO5
Cutter Service Supervisor 24 05-TC MTS COX CUSUP
Dairy Plant Superintendent 15 11-AA AGD DPS DPS
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer I 11 09-MH HS DDRO DDRO1
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer II 15 09-MH HS DDRO DDRO2
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer III 18 09-MH HS DDRO DDRO3
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer IV 22 09-MH HS DDRO DDRO4
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer V 24 09-MH HS DDRO DDRO5
Data Controller I 6 03-PS IT DCTL DCTL1
Data Controller II 8 03-PS IT DCTL DCTL2
Data Controller III 11 03-PS IT DCTL DCTL3
Data Controller IV 13 03-PS IT DCTL DCTL4
Data Entry Machine Operator I 6 03-PS IT DAMO DAMO1
Data Entry Machine Operator II 8 03-PS IT DAMO DAMO2
Data Entry Machine Operator III 11 03-PS IT DAMO DAMO3
Data Entry Machine Operator IV 13 03-PS IT DAMO DAMO4
Day Care Worker I 6 07-SS SWD DCW DCW1
Day Care Worker II 8 07-SS SWD DCW DCW2
Deeds Registry Inspector I 16 11-AA LREG DRI DRI1
Deeds Registry Inspector II 18 11-AA LREG DRI DRI2
Deeds Registry Inspector III 21 11-AA LREG DRI DRI3
Deeds Registry Inspector IV 23 11-AA LREG DRI DRI4
Deeds Registry Inspector V 25 11-AA LREG DRI DRI5
Defense Research Officer I 11 14-DS DR DRO DRO1
Defense Research Officer II 15 14-DS DR DRO DRO2
Dental Aide 4 09-MH D DTA DTA
Dental Hygienist 10 09-MH D DTH DTH
Dental Program Supervisor 22 09-MH D DENRS DENPS
Dentist I 13 09-MH D DENT DENT1
Dentist II 16 09-MH D DENT DENT2
Dentist III 19 09-MH D DENT DENT3
Dentist IV 22 09-MH D DENT DENT4
Dentist V 24 09-MH D DENT DENT5
Dentist VI 26 09-MH D DENT DENT6
Dentist VII 28 09-MH D DENT DENT7
Department Assistant Secretary 29 18-ES TMG DASEC DASEC
Department Legislative Liaison Officer 29 18-ES OM DLLO DLLO
Department Legislative Liaison Specialist 22 01-GA EJLS DLLS DLLS
Department Secretary 31 18-ES TMG DASEC DESEC
Department Undersecretary 30 18-ES TMG DASEC DEUSEC
Deputy Administrator I 27 18-ES OM DTYAD DTYAD1
Deputy Administrator II 28 18-ES OM DTYAD DTYAD2
Deputy Administrator III 29 18-ES OM DTYAD DTYAD3
Deputy Chief Public Attorney 29 15-LJ PAT PATTY DCPA
Deputy Clerk of the Electoral Tribunal 29 15-LJ JA CET DCET
Deputy Commissioner I 27 18-ES OM DCOM DCOM1
Deputy Commissioner II 28 18-ES OM DCOM DCOM2
Deputy Commissioner III 29 18-ES OM DCOM DCOM3
Deputy Commissioner of Customs 28 18-ES OM DCC DCC
Deputy Commissioner of Internal Revenue 28 18-ES OM DCIR DCIR
Deputy Court Administrator of the Supreme Court 30 15-LJ JA DCASC DCASC
Deputy Director-General 30 18-ES TMG DG DDG
Deputy Executive Director I 25 18-ES OM DED DED1
Deputy Executive Director II 26 18-ES OM DED DED2
Deputy Executive Director III 27 18-ES OM DED DED3
Deputy Executive Director IV 28 18-ES OM DED DED4
Deputy Executive Director V 29 18-ES OM DED DED5
Deputy Executive Secretary 30 18-ES CES EXECS DEXS
Deputy Government Corporate Counsel 29 15-LJ GCC GOVCA DGCC
Deputy Insurance Commissioner 27 18-ES OM DIC DIC
Deputy Ombudsman 30 15-LJ GI OMB DOMB
Deputy Press Secretary 30 18-ES CES PRESEC DPSEC
Deputy Regional Governor 29 18-ES RGE ARCS DRGOV
Deputy Register of Deeds I 19 11-AA LREG DRD DRD1
Deputy Register of Deeds II 21 11-AA LREG DRD DRD2
Deputy Register of Deeds III 23 11-AA LREG DRD DRD3
Deputy Register of Deeds IV 25 11-AA LREG DRD DRD4
Deputy Secretary of the Commission on Appointments 30 18-ES TMG SCCONG DSECCA
Deputy Secretary of the House Electoral Tribunal 29 18-ES TMG SCCONG DSECHET
Deputy Secretary of the Senate 30 18-ES TMG SCCONG DSECS
Deputy Secretary of the Senate Electoral Tribunal 29 18-ES TMG SCCONG DSECSET
Deputy Secretary-General of the House of Representatives 30 18-ES TMG SCCONG DSECGEN
Deputy Special Prosecutor 29 15-LJ SP SPPO DSP
Deputy Treasurer of the Philippines 29 18-ES OM DPT DTPH
Development Management Officer I 11 03-PS DM DMO DMO1
Development Management Officer II 15 03-PS DM DMO DMO2
Development Management Officer III 18 03-PS DM DMO DMO3
Development Management Officer IV 22 03-PS DM DMO DMO4
Development Management Officer V 24 03-PS DM DMO DMO5
Dietary Adviser 22 09-MH DT DAD DAD
Director I 25 18-ES OM DIR DIR1
Director II 26 18-ES OM DIR DIR2
Director III 27 18-ES OM DIR DIR3
Director IV 28 18-ES OM DIR DIR4
Director V 29 18-ES OM DIR DIR5
Director VI 30 18-ES OM DIR DIR6
Director-General 31 18-ES TMG DG DG
Disbursing Officer I 6 02-FS CH DO DO1
Disbursing Officer II 8 02-FS CH DO DO2
District Engineer 25 04-AE EN ENG DENG
District Health Officer I 25 09-MH M DHO DHO1
District Health Officer II 26 09-MH M DHO DHO2
Docking and Rigging Foreman 8 06-CT GUS DKR DRF
Dockman-Diver I 3 06-CT GUS DKR DKD1
Dockman-Diver II 5 06-CT GUS DKR DKD2
Dockman-Rigger I 2 06-CT GUS DKR DKR1
Dockman-Rigger II 4 06-CT GUS DKR DKR2
Document Examiner I 10 14-DS FDE DOCEX DOCEX1
Document Examiner II 14 14-DS FDE DOCEX DOCEX2
Document Examiner III 18 14-DS FDE DOCEX DOCEX3
Document Examiner IV 22 14-DS FDE DOCEX DOCEX4
Document Examiner V 24 14-DS FDE DOCEX DOCEX5
Dormitory Attendant 3 17-MS LDS DORMG DORMA
Dormitory Manager I 9 17-MS LDS DORMG DORMG1
Dormitory Manager II 11 17-MS LDS DORMG DORMG2
Dormitory Manager III 15 17-MS LDS DORMG DORMG3
Dormitory Manager IV 18 17-MS LDS DORMG DORMG4
Draftsman I 6 04-AE DF DFM DFM1
Draftsman II 8 04-AE DF DFM DFM2
Draftsman III 11 04-AE DF DFM DFM3
Draftsman IV 14 04-AE DF DFM DFM4
Dredge Master I 13 04-AE DO DGM DGM1
Dredge Master II 17 04-AE DO DGM DGM2
Dredge Master III 20 04-AE DO DGM DGM3
Dredge Master IV 23 04-AE DO DGM DGM4
Dredgeman Foreman 8 04-AE DO DGN DGNF
Dredgeman I 3 04-AE DO DGN DGN1
Dredgeman II 5 04-AE DO DGN DGN2
Driver Courier I 4 05-TC AEO DRC DRC1
Driver Courier II 6 05-TC AEO DRC DRC2
Driver I 3 05-TC AEO DRV DRV1
Driver II 4 05-TC AEO DRV DRV2
Driving Skills Rater 8 05-TC TDR DSKR DSKR
Economic Development Analyst 11 03-PS ED EDS EDA
Economic Development Specialist I 13 03-PS ED EDS EDS1
Economic Development Specialist II 16 03-PS ED EDS EDS2
Economic Researcher 9 03-PS EC ECOR ECOR
Economist I 11 03-PS EC ECO ECO1
Economist II 15 03-PS EC ECO ECO2
Economist III 18 03-PS EC ECO ECO3
Economist IV 22 03-PS EC ECO ECO4
Economist V 24 03-PS EC ECO ECO5
Ecosystems Management Specialist I 11 11-AA EERM ECOMS ECOMS1
Ecosystems Management Specialist II 15 11-AA EERM ECOMS ECOMS2
Education Program Specialist I 12 10-EL ERPS EPS EPS1
Education Program Specialist II 16 10-EL ERPS EPS EPS2
Education Research Assistant I 9 10-EL ERPS EPS EDRA1
Education Research Assistant II 10 10-EL ERPS EPS EDRA2
Education Supervisor I 19 10-EL ERPS ES ESUP1
Education Supervisor I 21 10-EL ERPS ES ES1
Education Supervisor II 20 10-EL ERPS ES ESUP2
Education Supervisor II 22 10-EL ERPS ES ES2
Education Supervisor III 22 10-EL ERPS ES ES3
Election Assistant I 7 07-SS EAD EA EA1
Election Assistant II 9 07-SS EAD EA EA2
Election Field Officer 21 07-SS EAD EO EFO
Election Officer I 12 07-SS EAD EO EO1
Election Officer II 15 07-SS EAD EO EO2
Election Officer III 18 07-SS EAD EO EO3
Election Officer IV 21 07-SS EAD EO EO4
Election Precincts Analyst I 10 07-SS EAD EP EPA1
Election Precincts Analyst II 14 07-SS EAD EP EPA2
Electrical Inspector I 6 06-CT BGHC EI EI1
Electrical Inspector II 8 06-CT BGHC EI EI2
Electrician Foreman 9 06-CT BGHC ELECT EF
Electrician General Foreman 11 06-CT BGHC ELECT EGF
Electrician I 4 06-CT BGHC ELECT ELEC1
Electrician II 6 06-CT BGHC ELECT ELEC2
Electron Microscopist 19 13-MP BL EIRON EIROM
Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician I 6 05-TC CDOR ECET ECET1
Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician II 8 05-TC CDOR ECET ECET2
Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician III 11 05-TC CDOR ECET ECET3
Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician IV 15 05-TC CDOR ECET ECET4
Electrotyper I 4 06-CT PMO ETYP ETYP1
Electrotyper II 6 06-CT PMO ETYP ETYP2
Electrotyper III 9 06-CT PMO ETYP ETYP3
Electrotyper IV 11 06-CT PMO ETYP ETYP4
Elementary School Principal I 18 10-EL STCA ESP ESP1
Elementary School Principal II 19 10-EL STCA ESP ESP2
Elementary School Principal III 20 10-EL STCA ESP ESP3
Elementary School Principal IV 21 10-EL STCA ESP ESP4
Emigrant Services Officer I 11 07-SS ES ESO ESO1
Emigrant Services Officer II 15 07-SS ES ESO ESO2
Energy Regulation Assistant 8 11-AA ER ERO ERA
Energy Regulation Officer I 11 11-AA ER ERO ERO1
Energy Regulation Officer II 15 11-AA ER ERO ERO2
Engineer I 12 04-AE EN ENG ENG1
Engineer II 16 04-AE EN ENG ENG2
Engineer III 19 04-AE EN ENG ENG3
Engineer IV 22 04-AE EN ENG ENG4
Engineer V 24 04-AE EN ENG ENG5
Engineering Aide 4 04-AE EN ENG ENGA
Engineering Assistant 8 04-AE EN ENG ENGAS
Entomologist I 11 13-MP Z ENTO ENTO1
Entomologist II 15 13-MP Z ENTO ENTO2
Entomologist III 18 13-MP Z ENTO ENTO3
Environmental Management Researcher 9 11-AA EERM EMS EMR
Environmental Management Specialist I 11 11-AA EERM EMS EMS1
Environmental Management Specialist II 15 11-AA EERM EMS EMS2
Equine Evaluator 5 08-IA SDGR EQE EQE
Executive Assistant I 14 01-GA EAS EXA EXA1
Executive Assistant II 17 01-GA EAS EXA EXA2
Executive Assistant III 20 01-GA EAS EXA EXA3
Executive Assistant IV 22 01-GA EAS EXA EXA4
Executive Assistant V 24 01-GA EAS EXA EXA5
Executive Assistant VI 25 01-GA EAS EXA EXA6
Executive Clerk of Court I 26 15-LJ JA ECC ECC1
Executive Clerk of Court II 27 15-LJ JA ECC ECC2
Executive Clerk of Court III 28 15-LJ JA ECC ECC3
Executive Clerk of Court IV 29 15-LJ JA ECC ECC4
Executive Clerk of Court V 30 15-LJ JA ECC ECC5
Executive Conciliator-Mediator 26 07-SS LCMA CLTM EXCOM
Executive Director I 26 18-ES OM EXED EXED1
Executive Director II 27 18-ES OM EXED EXED2
Executive Director III 28 18-ES OM EXED EXED3
Executive Director IV 29 18-ES OM EXED EXED4
Executive Director V 30 18-ES OM EXED EXED5
Executive News Editor 24 08-IA ID NE EXNE
Executive Secretary 31 18-ES CES EXECS EXECS
Fabric Worker I 3 06-CT BW FABWK FABWK1
Fabric Worker II 5 06-CT BW FABWK FABWK2
Farm Foreman 6 11-AA AGD FAWK FAFM
Farm Superintendent I 11 11-AA AGD FAS FAS1
Farm Superintendent II 15 11-AA AGD FAS FAS2
Farm Superintendent III 18 11-AA AGD FAS FAS3
Farm Supervisor 8 11-AA AGD FAWK FASU
Farm Worker I 2 11-AA AGD FAWK FAWK1
Farm Worker II 4 11-AA AGD FAWK FAWK2
Fiber Development Officer I 11 11-AA FD FIDO FIDO1
Fiber Development Officer II 15 11-AA FD FIDO FIDO2
Fiber Technician 6 11-AA FD FIDO FIT
Fidelity Bond Examiner I 10 02-FS BFCP FIBEX FIBEX1
Fidelity Bond Examiner II 14 02-FS BFCP FIBEX FIBEX2
Film Custodian I 4 08-IA FC FCD FCD1
Film Custodian II 6 08-IA FC FCD FCD2
Film Editor I 7 08-IA FC FED FED1
Film Editor II 9 08-IA FC FED FED2
Film Preview Assistant I 7 08-IA FC FIPA FIPA1
Film Preview Assistant II 9 08-IA FC FIPA FIPA2
Financial Analyst I 11 02-FS AC FINA FINA1
Financial Analyst II 15 02-FS AC FINA FINA2
Financial Analyst III 18 02-FS AC FINA FINA3
Financial Analyst IV 22 02-FS AC FINA FINA4
Financial Analyst V 24 02-FS AC FINA FINA5
Financial and Management Officer I 22 02-FS MS FINMO FINMO1
Financial and Management Officer II 24 02-FS MS FINMO FINMO2
Financial Claims Examiner I 10 02-FS BFCP FINCE FINCE1
Financial Claims Examiner II 14 02-FS BFCP FINCE FINCE2
Financial Claims Examiner III 18 02-FS BFCP FINCE FINCE3
Fingerprint Examiner I 7 14-DS FDE FPTEX FPTEX1
Fingerprint Examiner II 9 14-DS FDE FPTEX FPTEX2
Fingerprint Examiner III 11 14-DS FDE FPTEX FPTEX3
Fingerprint Examiner IV 15 14-DS FDE FPTEX FPTEX4
Fingerprint Examiner V 18 14-DS FDE FPTEX FPTEX5
Fingerprinting Aide 4 14-DS FDE FPTEX FPTA
Fire Marshall I 18 14-DS F FF FM1
Fire Marshall II 22 14-DS F FF FM2
Firearms and Explosives Inspector I 6 14-DS OMRR FEI FEI1
Firearms and Explosives Inspector II 8 14-DS OMRR FEI FEI2
Firearms and Explosives Processor I 6 14-DS OMRR FEP FEP1
Firearms and Explosives Processor II 8 14-DS OMRR FEP FEP2
Firearms and Explosives Processor III 10 14-DS OMRR FEP FEP3
Firearms and Explosives Processor IV 14 14-DS OMRR FEP FEP4
Firearms and Explosives Production Coordinator 18 14-DS OMRR FEP FEPC
Firefighter I 6 14-DS F FF FF1
Firefighter II 8 14-DS F FF FF2
Firefighter III 10 14-DS F FF FF3
Firefighter IV 14 14-DS F FF FF4
First Mate 20 05-TC MTS COX FM
Fiscal Clerk I 4 02-FS AFE FEX FCK1
Fiscal Clerk II 6 02-FS AFE FEX FCK2
Fiscal Clerk III 8 02-FS AFE FEX FCK3
Fiscal Controller I 11 02-FS AFE FCT FCT1
Fiscal Controller II 15 02-FS AFE FCT FCT2
Fiscal Controller III 18 02-FS AFE FCT FCT3
Fiscal Controller IV 22 02-FS AFE FCT FCT4
Fiscal Controller V 24 02-FS AFE FCT FCT5
Fiscal Examiner I 11 02-FS AFE FEX FEX1
Fiscal Examiner II 15 02-FS AFE FEX FEX2
Fiscal Examiner III 18 02-FS AFE FEX FEX3
Fiscal Examiner IV 22 02-FS AFE FEX FEX4
Fiscal Examiner V 24 02-FS AFE FEX FEX5
Fish Port Supervisor 15 12-TT FPM FPSUP FPSUP
Fisherman 3 11-AA AQD MFISH FISM
Fishing Regulations Officer I 11 11-AA AQD FIRO FIRO1
Fishing Regulations Officer II 15 11-AA AQD FIRO FIRO2
Floating Crane Master 10 05-TC AEO FLCM FLCM
Food Service Manager 22 17-MS FOS FOSMG FOSMG
Food Service Supervisor I 9 17-MS FOS FOSS FOSS1
Food Service Supervisor II 11 17-MS FOS FOSS FOSS2
Food Service Supervisor III 15 17-MS FOS FOSS FOSS3
Food Service Supervisor IV 18 17-MS FOS FOSS FOSS4
Food Technologist I 10 09-MH DT FTEC FTEC1
Food Technologist II 14 09-MH DT FTEC FTEC2
Food Technologist III 18 09-MH DT FTEC FTEC3
Food-Drug Inspector 8 09-MH HS FDI FDI
Food-Drug Regulation Officer I 11 09-MH HS FDRO FDRO1
Food-Drug Regulation Officer II 15 09-MH HS FDRO FDRO2
Food-Drug Regulation Officer III 18 09-MH HS FDRO FDRO3
Food-Drug Regulation Officer IV 22 09-MH HS FDRO FDRO4
Food-Drug Regulation Officer V 24 09-MH HS FDRO FDRO5
Foreign Affairs Adviser 22 16-FR FS FOAF FOAF
Foreign Affairs Research Specialist I 11 16-FR FAR FOARS FOARS1
Foreign Affairs Research Specialist II 15 16-FR FAR FOARS FOARS2
Foreign Service Officer, Class I 25 16-FR FS FSOC FSOC1
Foreign Service Officer, Class II 24 16-FR FS FSOC FSOC2
Foreign Service Officer, Class III 23 16-FR FS FSOC FSOC3
Foreign Service Officer, Class IV 22 16-FR FS FSOC FSOC4
Foreign Service Staff Employee I 9 16-FR FS FSSE FSSE1
Foreign Service Staff Employee II 7 16-FR FS FSSE FSSE2
Foreign Service Staff Employee III 5 16-FR FS FSSE FSSE3
Foreign Service Staff Officer I 22 16-FR FS FSSO FSSO1
Foreign Service Staff Officer II 18 16-FR FS FSSO FSSO2
Foreign Service Staff Officer III 15 16-FR FS FSSO FSSO3
Foreign Service Staff Officer IV 11 16-FR FS FSSO FSSO4
Foreign Trade Service Officer, Class I 25 16-FR FTS FTSOC FTSOC1
Foreign Trade Service Officer, Class II 24 16-FR FTS FTSOC FTSOC2
Foreign Trade Service Officer, Class III 23 16-FR FTS FTSOC FTSOC3
Foreign Trade Service Officer, Class IV 22 16-FR FTS FTSOC FTSOC4
Foreign Trade Service Staff Officer 15 16-FR FTS FTSOC FTSSO
Forest Management Specialist I 11 11-AA FA FMS FMS1
Forest Management Specialist II 15 11-AA FA FMS FMS2
Forest Ranger 4 11-AA FA FORA FORA
Forest Technician I 6 11-AA FA FORT FORT1
Forest Technician II 8 11-AA FA FORT FORT2
Forester I 11 11-AA FA FORST FORST1
Forester II 15 11-AA FA FORST FORST2
Forester III 18 11-AA FA FORST FORST3
Forester IV 22 11-AA FA FORST FORST4
Forester V 24 11-AA FA FORST FORST5
Foundry Foreman 9 06-CT MW FDRYW FDRYF
Foundry General Foreman 11 06-CT MW FDRYW FGENM
Foundry Worker I 4 06-CT MW FDRYW FDRYW1
Foundry Worker II 6 06-CT MW FDRYW FDRYW2
Freight Service Foreman 6 05-TC FSCH FSFS FSFM
Freight Service Supervisor I 10 05-TC FSCH FSFS FSFS1
Freight Service Supervisor II 13 05-TC FSCH FSFS FSFS2
Fumigation Assistant Supervisor 9 09-MH PC FUM FUAS
Fumigation Supervisor 11 09-MH PC FUM FUMS
Fumigator 4 09-MH PC FUM FUM
Fumigator Foreman 6 09-MH PC FUM FUMF
General Manager 30 18-ES OM GM GM
Geologic Aide 4 13-MP G GEOL GEOLA
Geologist I 11 13-MP G GEOL GEOL1
Geologist II 15 13-MP G GEOL GEOL2
Geophysicist I 11 13-MP GP GEOP GEOP1
Geophysicist II 15 13-MP GP GEOP GEOP2
Geophysicist III 18 13-MP GP GEOP GEOP3
Geophysicist IV 22 13-MP GP GEOP GEOP4
Geophysicist V 24 13-MP GP GEOP GEOP5
Government Corporate Attorney I 25 15-LJ GCC GOVCA GOVCA1
Government Corporate Attorney II 26 15-LJ GCC GOVCA GOVCA2
Government Corporate Attorney III 27 15-LJ GCC GOVCA GOVCA3
Government Corporate Attorney IV 28 15-LJ GCC GOVCA GOVCA4
Government Corporate Counsel 30 15-LJ GCC GOVCA GOVCOR
Graft Investigation Officer I 26 15-LJ GI AGIO GIO1
Graft Investigation Officer II 27 15-LJ GI AGIO GIO2
Graft Investigation Officer III 28 15-LJ GI AGIO GIO3
Graft Prevention and Control Officer I 11 07-SS GPC GPCO GPCO1
Graft Prevention and Control Officer II 15 07-SS GPC GPCO GPCO2
Graft Prevention and Control Officer III 18 07-SS GPC GPCO GPCO3
Graft Prevention and Control Officer IV 22 07-SS GPC GPCO GPCO4
Graft Prevention and Control Officer V 24 07-SS GPC GPCO GPCO5
Guesthouse Caretaker 2 17-MS LDS GUESTC GUESTC
Guidance Coordinator I 13 10-EL SCUT GCOOR GCOOR1
Guidance Coordinator II 14 10-EL SCUT GCOOR GCOOR2
Guidance Coordinator III 15 10-EL SCUT GCOOR GCOOR3
Guidance Counselor I 10 10-EL SCUT GUIDC GUIDC1
Guidance Counselor II 11 10-EL SCUT GUIDC GUIDC2
Guidance Counselor III 12 10-EL SCUT GUIDC GUIDC3
Guidance Services Associate I 12 10-EL GS GSS GSA1
Guidance Services Associate II 14 10-EL GS GSS GSA2
Guidance Services Specialist I 16 10-EL GS GSS GSS1
Guidance Services Specialist II 18 10-EL GS GSS GSS2
Guidance Services Specialist III 20 10-EL GS GSS GSS3
Guidance Services Specialist IV 22 10-EL GS GSS GSS4
Guidance Services Specialist V 24 10-EL GS GSS GSS5
Handicraft Worker I 3 06-CT BW HANDW HANDW1
Handicraft Worker II 5 06-CT BW HANDW HANDW2
Handicraft Worker III 8 06-CT BW HANDW HANDW3
Harbor Operations Assistant 10 05-TC MTS HROA HROA
Head Civil Service Field Officer 26 01-GA HRM PS HCSFO
Head Executive Assistant 27 18-ES OM HEA HEA
Head Pressman 13 06-CT PMO HPMAN HPMAN
Head Teacher I 13 10-EL SCUT HTEACH HTEACH1
Head Teacher II 14 10-EL SCUT HTEACH HTEACH2
Head Teacher IV 16 10-EL SCUT HTEACH HTEACH4
Head Teacher V 17 10-EL SCUT HTEACH HTEACH5
Head Teacher VI 18 10-EL SCUT HTEACH HTEACH6
Health Education and Promotion Adviser 22 09-MH HEP HEPA HEPA
Health Education and Promotion Officer I 10 09-MH HEP HEPO HEPO1
Health Education and Promotion Officer II 14 09-MH HEP HEPO HEPO2
Health Education and Promotion Officer III 18 09-MH HEP HEPO HEPO3
Health Education and Promotion Officer IV 22 09-MH HEP HEPO HEPO4
Health Education and Promotion Officer V 24 09-MH HEP HEPO HEPO5
Health Physicist I 15 13-MP P HPHY HPHY1
Health Physicist II 18 13-MP P HPHY HPHY2
Health Physicist III 22 13-MP P HPHY HPHY3
Health Physicist IV 24 13-MP P HPHY HPHY4
Health Physics Technician 6 13-MP P HPT HPT
Health Program Officer I 11 09-MH HPD HPO HPO1
Health Program Officer II 15 09-MH HPD HPO HPO2
Health Program Researcher 9 09-MH HPD HPO HRP
Health Program Researcher Assistant 7 09-MH HPD HPO HPRA
Heavy Equipment Operator I 4 05-TC AEO HEO HEO1
Heavy Equipment Operator II 6 05-TC AEO HEO HEO2
Heavy Equipment Operator III 9 05-TC AEO HEO HEO3
Historic Sites Development Officer I 11 10-EL HSD HISDO HISDO1
Historic Sites Development Officer II 15 10-EL HSD HISDO HISDO2
History Researcher I 10 10-EL HR HTRYR HTRYR1
History Researcher II 14 10-EL HR HTRYR HTRYR2
Home Management Specialist I 11 07-SS HM HOMT HOMS1
Home Management Specialist II 15 07-SS HM HOMT HOMS2
Home Management Technologist 10 07-SS HM HOMT HOMT
Hospital Administration Specialist 22 09-MH HA HAS HAS
Hospital Housekeeper 8 17-MS LDS HHKPER HHKPER
Household Attendant I 3 17-MS LDS HHA HHA1
Household Attendant II 5 17-MS LDS HHA HHA2
Household Attendant III 8 17-MS LDS HHA HHA3
Household Manager 10 17-MS LDS HHA HHM
Houseparent I 4 17-MS LDS HP HP1
Houseparent II 6 17-MS LDS HP HP2
Houseparent III 9 17-MS LDS HP HP3
Houseparent IV 11 17-MS LDS HP HP4
Housing and Homesite Regulation Assistant 8 07-SS HHR HHRO HHRA
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer I 11 07-SS HHR HHRO HHRO1
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer II 13 07-SS HHR HHRO HHRO2
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer III 16 07-SS HHR HHRO HHRO3
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer IV 19 07-SS HHR HHRO HHRO4
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer V 22 07-SS HHR HHRO HHRO5
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer VI 24 07-SS HHR HHRO HHRO6
Human Resource Management Aide 4 01-GA HRM HRMO HRMA
Human Resource Management Assistant 8 01-GA HRM HRMO HRMAS
Human Resource Management Officer I 11 01-GA HRM HRMO HRMO1
Human Resource Management Officer II 15 01-GA HRM HRMO HRMO2
Human Resource Management Officer III 18 01-GA HRM HRMO HRMO3
Human Resource Management Officer IV 22 01-GA HRM HRMO HRMO4
Human Resource Management Officer V 24 01-GA HRM HRMO HRMO5
Identification Officer I 22 14-DS FDE IDO IDO1
Identification Officer II 24 14-DS FDE IDO IDO2
Illustrator I 3 08-IA I ILTOR ILTOR1
Illustrator II 5 08-IA I ILTOR ILTOR2
Immigration Assistant 8 07-SS IMR IMGO IMGA
Immigration Officer I 11 07-SS IMR IMGO IMGO1
Immigration Officer II 13 07-SS IMR IMGO IMGO2
Immigration Officer III 16 07-SS IMR IMGO IMGO3
Industrial Design Analyst 11 08-IA I IND INDA
Industrial Design Specialist 15 08-IA I IND INDS
Industrial Project Training Supervisor 18 10-EL STCA IPTS IPTS
Information Officer I 11 08-IA ID INFO INFO1
Information Officer II 15 08-IA ID INFO INFO2
Information Officer III 18 08-IA ID INFO INFO3
Information Officer IV 22 08-IA ID INFO INFO4
Information Officer V 24 08-IA ID INFO INFO5
Information Systems Analyst I 12 03-PS IT INFOSA INFOSA1
Information Systems Analyst II 16 03-PS IT INFOSA INFOSA2
Information Systems Analyst III 19 03-PS IT INFOSA INFOSA3
Information Systems Researcher I 10 03-PS IT INFOSR INFOSR1
Information Systems Researcher II 14 03-PS IT INFOSR INFOSR2
Information Systems Researcher III 17 03-PS IT INFOSR INFOSR3
Information Technology Officer I 19 03-PS IT ITO ITO1
Information Technology Officer II 22 03-PS IT ITO ITO2
Information Technology Officer III 24 03-PS IT ITO ITO3
Inmate Guidance Chief 24 07-SS S IGO IGC
Inmate Guidance Officer I 11 07-SS S IGO IGO1
Inmate Guidance Officer II 15 07-SS S IGO IGO2
Inspector-General 29 18-ES OM IG IG
Instructor I 12 10-EL SCUT INST INST1
Instructor II 13 10-EL SCUT INST INST2
Instructor III 14 10-EL SCUT INST INST3
Instrumentman 5 04-AE SZ ISTMAN ISTMAN
Insurance Commissioner 28 18-ES OM DIC INC
Insurance Specialist I 11 12-TT IR INS INS1
Insurance Specialist II 15 12-TT IR INS INS2
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist I 14 12-TT PTCE IPRS IPRS1
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist II 17 12-TT PTCE IPRS IPRS2
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist III 20 12-TT PTCE IPRS IPRS3
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist IV 23 12-TT PTCE IPRS IPRS4
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist V 25 12-TT PTCE IPRS IPRS5
Intelligence Agent Aide 4 14-DS IN INTELO IAA
Intelligence Agent I 8 14-DS IN INTELO IA1
Intelligence Agent II 10 14-DS IN INTELO IA2
Intelligence Officer I 11 14-DS IN INTELO INTELO1
Intelligence Officer II 15 14-DS IN INTELO INTELO2
Intelligence Officer III 18 14-DS IN INTELO INTELO3
Intelligence Officer IV 22 14-DS IN INTELO INTELO4
Intelligence Officer V 24 14-DS IN INTELO INTELO5
Internal Auditing Assistant 8 02-FS AFE IAUD IAAS
Internal Auditor I 11 02-FS AFE IAUD IAUD1
Internal Auditor II 15 02-FS AFE IAUD IAUD2
Internal Auditor III 18 02-FS AFE IAUD IAUD3
Internal Auditor IV 22 02-FS AFE IAUD IAUD4
Internal Auditor V 24 02-FS AFE IAUD IAUD5
International Civil Aviation Coordinator 20 05-TC AV ICAC ICAC
International Science Relations Officer I 10 13-MP SD ISRO ISRO1
International Science Relations Officer II 14 13-MP SD ISRO ISRO2
International Science Relations Officer III 18 13-MP SD ISRO ISRO3
International Science Relations Officer IV 22 13-MP SD ISRO ISRO4
International Science Relations Officer V 24 13-MP SD ISRO ISRO5
Interpreter I 8 08-IA T INTER INTER1
Interpreter II 10 08-IA T INTER INTER2
Interpreter III 12 08-IA T INTER INTER3
Investigation Agent I 18 14-DS CI INVA INVA1
Investigation Agent II 20 14-DS CI INVA INVA2
Investigation Agent III 22 14-DS CI INVA INVA3
Investigation Agent IV 23 14-DS CI INVA INVA4
Investigation Agent V 24 14-DS CI INVA INVA5
Investigation Agent VI 25 14-DS CI INVA INVA6
Investments Analyst 11 12-TT IA IMENTS IMENTA
Investments Specialist 15 12-TT IA IMENTS IMENTS
Judicial Staff Assistant II 9 01-GA EJLS JS JSA2
Judicial Staff Assistant III 10 01-GA EJLS JS JSA3
Judicial Staff Employee II 4 01-GA EJLS JS JSE2
Judicial Staff Head 28 01-GA EJLS JS JSH
Judicial Staff Officer III 18 01-GA EJLS JS JSO3
Judicial Staff Officer IV 19 01-GA EJLS JS JSO4
Judicial Staff Officer V 20 01-GA EJLS JS JSO5
Judicial Staff Officer VI 22 01-GA EJLS JS JSO6
Junior Process Server 3 01-GA CSET PROCS JPS
Junior Scholarship Affairs Officer 11 01-GA HRM SAO JSAO
Jurisconsult 30 15-LJ JA JUCON JUCON
Labor and Employment Assistant 8 07-SS LEMD LEO LEA
Labor and Employment Officer I 11 07-SS LEMD LEO LEO1
Labor and Employment Officer II 13 07-SS LEMD LEO LEO2
Labor and Employment Officer III 16 07-SS LEMD LEO LEO3
Labor Arbiter 29 07-SS LCMA LARBA LARB
Labor Arbitration Associate 22 07-SS LCMA LARBA LARBA
Labor Foreman 6 06-CT GUS LA LAFOR
Labor General Foreman 8 06-CT GUS LA LAGFOR
Laboratory Aide I 2 06-CT LS LABA LABA1
Laboratory Aide II 4 06-CT LS LABA LABA2
Laboratory Inspector I 8 06-CT LS LABI LABI1
Laboratory Inspector II 10 06-CT LS LABI LABI2
Laboratory Inspector III 14 06-CT LS LABI LABI3
Laboratory Technician I 6 06-CT LS LABT LABT1
Laboratory Technician II 8 06-CT LS LABT LABT2
Laboratory Technician III 10 06-CT LS LABT LABT3
Laborer I 1 06-CT GUS LA LA1
Laborer II 3 06-CT GUS LA LA2
Land Management Examiner 10 11-AA LM LAMO LAME
Land Management Inspector 6 11-AA LM LAMI LAMI
Land Management Officer I 11 11-AA LM LAMO LAMO1
Land Management Officer II 15 11-AA LM LAMO LAMO2
Land Management Officer III 18 11-AA LM LAMO LAMO3
Land Management Officer IV 22 11-AA LM LAMO LAMO4
Land Management Officer V 24 11-AA LM LAMO LAMO5
Land Registration Examiner I 10 11-AA LREG LARE LARE1
Land Registration Examiner II 14 11-AA LREG LARE LARE2
Landscaping Supervisor 12 06-CT BGHC LAPS LAPS
Language Researcher I 10 10-EL LRES LANRE LANRE1
Language Researcher II 14 10-EL LRES LANRE LANRE2
Launch Patron 7 05-TC MTS COX LAP
Launch Service Supervisor 12 05-TC MTS COX LSS
Laundry Worker I 1 17-MS LW LAW LAW1
Laundry Worker II 3 17-MS LW LAW LAW2
Laundry Worker III 6 17-MS LW LAW LAW3
Law Education Specialist I 16 15-LJ LAWE LES LES1
Law Education Specialist II 18 15-LJ LAWE LES LES2
Law Education Specialist III 20 15-LJ LAWE LES LES3
Law Education Specialist IV 22 15-LJ LAWE LES LES4
Law Education Specialist V 24 15-LJ LAWE LES LES5
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer I 11 14-DS PA LEEO LEEO1
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer II 15 14-DS PA LEEO LEEO2
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer III 18 14-DS PA LEEO LEEO3
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer IV 22 14-DS PA LEEO LEEO4
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer V 24 14-DS PA LEEO LEEO5
Law Reform Associate I 12 15-LJ LR LWRS LWRA1
Law Reform Associate II 14 15-LJ LR LWRS LWRA2
Law Reform Specialist I 16 15-LJ LR LWRS LWRS1
Law Reform Specialist II 18 15-LJ LR LWRS LWRS2
Law Reform Specialist III 20 15-LJ LR LWRS LWRS3
Law Reform Specialist IV 22 15-LJ LR LWRS LWRS4
Law Reform Specialist V 24 15-LJ LR LWRS LWRS5
Law Reform Specialist VI 26 15-LJ LR LWRS LWRS6
Legal Aide 5 15-LJ LC LEGO LEAD
Legal Assistant I 10 15-LJ LC LEGO LEA1
Legal Assistant II 12 15-LJ LC LEGO LEA2
Legal Officer I 14 15-LJ LC LEGO LEGO1
Legal Officer II 17 15-LJ LC LEGO LEGO2
Legal Officer III 20 15-LJ LC LEGO LEGO3
Legal Officer IV 22 15-LJ LC LEGO LEGO4
Legal Officer V 24 15-LJ LC LEGO LEGO5
Legislative Committee Researcher 21 01-GA EJLS LCR LCR
Legislative Committee Secretary 23 01-GA EJLS LCS LCS
Legislative Staff Assistant I 7 01-GA EJLS LSA LSA1
Legislative Staff Assistant II 10 01-GA EJLS LSA LSA2
Legislative Staff Assistant III 11 01-GA EJLS LSA LSA3
Legislative Staff Employee I 4 01-GA EJLS LSE LESE1
Legislative Staff Employee II 6 01-GA EJLS LSE LESE2
Legislative Staff Head 29 01-GA EJLS LSO LSH
Legislative Staff Officer I 14 01-GA EJLS LSO LSO1
Legislative Staff Officer II 16 01-GA EJLS LSO LSO2
Legislative Staff Officer III 19 01-GA EJLS LSO LSO3
Legislative Staff Officer IV 20 01-GA EJLS LSO LSO4
Legislative Staff Officer V 21 01-GA EJLS LSO LSO5
Legislative Staff Officer VI 22 01-GA EJLS LSO LSO6
Letter Carrier 6 05-TC CDOR LETCAR LETCAR
Librarian Aide 2 10-EL LIS LIB LIBA
Librarian I 10 10-EL LIS LIB LIB1
Librarian II 14 10-EL LIS LIB LIB2
Librarian III 18 10-EL LIS LIB LIB3
Librarian IV 22 10-EL LIS LIB LIB4
Librarian V 24 10-EL LIS LIB LIB5
License Inspector I 6 02-FS LI LINS LINS1
License Inspector II 8 02-FS LI LINS LINS2
Licensing Officer I 11 02-FS LI LIOS LIOF1
Licensing Officer II 15 02-FS LI LIOS LIOF2
Licensing Officer III 18 02-FS LI LIOS LIOF3
Licensing Officer IV 22 02-FS LI LIOS LIOF4
Licensing Officer V 24 02-FS LI LIOS LIOF5
Lifeguard 3 08-IA RC LG LG
Light Equipment Operator 2 05-TC AEO HEO LEQO
Lighthouse Inspector 11 05-TC LO LIHI LIHI
Lighthouse Keeper I 3 05-TC LO LIKP LIKP1
Lighthouse Keeper II 5 05-TC LO LIKP LIKP2
Lighthouse Service Supervisor 15 05-TC LO LHSS LHSS
Lineman I 3 05-TC CDOR LMAN LMAN1
Lineman II 5 05-TC CDOR LMAN LMAN2
Lineman IV 11 05-TC CDOR LMAN LMAN4
Linguistics Specialist 23 10-EL LRES LIN LIN
Livestock Inspector I 6 09-MH V LIVI LIVI1
Livestock Inspector II 8 09-MH V LIVI LIVI2
Livestock Inspector III 11 09-MH V LIVI LIVI3
Loan Examiner I 9 02-FS LEXA LEX LEX1
Loan Examiner II 11 02-FS LEXA LEX LEX2
Loan Examiner III 15 02-FS LEXA LEX LEX3
Loan Examiner IV 18 02-FS LEXA LEX LEX4
Local Assessment Operations Officer I 11 02-FS AM LADO LAOO1
Local Assessment Operations Officer II 15 02-FS AM LADO LAOO2
Local Assessment Operations Officer III 18 02-FS AM LADO LAOO3
Local Assessment Operations Officer IV 22 02-FS AM LADO LAOO4
Local Assessment Operations Officer V 24 02-FS AM LADO LAOO5
Local Government Operations Officer I 11 07-SS LGO LGOO LGOO1
Local Government Operations Officer II 13 07-SS LGO LGOO LGOO2
Local Government Operations Officer III 15 07-SS LGO LGOO LGOO3
Local Government Operations Officer IV 18 07-SS LGO LGOO LGOO4
Local Government Operations Officer V 20 07-SS LGO LGOO LGOO5
Local Government Operations Officer VI 22 07-SS LGO LGOO LGOO6
Local Government Operations Officer VII 24 07-SS LGO LGOO LGOO7
Local Government Operations Officer VIII 26 07-SS LGO LGOO LGOO8
Local Legislative Staff Assistant I 6 01-GA EJLS LLSA LLSA1
Local Legislative Staff Assistant II 8 01-GA EJLS LLSA LLSA2
Local Legislative Staff Assistant III 10 01-GA EJLS LLSA LLSA3
Local Legislative Staff Employee I 2 01-GA EJLS LLSE LLESE1
Local Legislative Staff Employee II 4 01-GA EJLS LLSE LLESE2
Local Legislative Staff Officer I 11 01-GA EJLS LLSO LLSO1
Local Legislative Staff Officer II 13 01-GA EJLS LLSO LLSO2
Local Legislative Staff Officer III 16 01-GA EJLS LLSO LLSO3
Local Legislative Staff Officer IV 19 01-GA EJLS LLSO LLSO4
Local Legislative Staff Officer V 22 01-GA EJLS LLSO LLSO5
Local Legislative Staff Officer VI 24 01-GA EJLS LLSO LLSO6
Local Revenue Collection Officer I 11 02-FS LTO LREVCO LREVCO1
Local Revenue Collection Officer II 15 02-FS LTO LREVCO LREVCO2
Local Revenue Collection Officer III 18 02-FS LTO LREVCO LREVCO3
Local Revenue Collection Officer IV 22 02-FS LTO LREVCO LREVCO4
Local Revenue Collection Officer V 24 02-FS LTO LREVCO LREVCO5
Local Treasury Examiner I 11 02-FS AFE LTEX LTEX1
Local Treasury Examiner II 15 02-FS AFE LTEX LTEX2
Local Treasury Operations Assistant 8 02-FS LTO LTOO LTOA
Local Treasury Operations Officer I 11 02-FS LTO LTOO LTOO1
Local Treasury Operations Officer II 15 02-FS LTO LTOO LTOO2
Local Treasury Operations Officer III 18 02-FS LTO LTOO LTOO3
Local Treasury Operations Officer IV 22 02-FS LTO LTOO LTOO4
Local Treasury Operations Officer V 24 02-FS LTO LTOO LTOO5
Logistics Management Officer I 11 01-GA SUM LGMO LGMO1
Logistics Management Officer II 15 01-GA SUM LGMO LGMO2
Logistics Management Officer III 18 01-GA SUM LGMO LGMO3
Logistics Management Officer IV 22 01-GA SUM LGMO LGMO4
Logistics Management Officer V 24 01-GA SUM LGMO LGMO5
Lumber Grader 5 11-AA FA LUMBG LUMBG
Lupon Chairman 27 18-ES TMG LUPC LUPC
Lupon Member 26 18-ES TMG LUPM LUPM
Machine Shop Foreman 11 06-CT MW M MASF
Machinist I 4 06-CT MW M M1
Machinist II 6 06-CT MW M M2
Machinist III 9 06-CT MW M M3
Magnetic Recorder Operator I 6 06-CT PMO MRO MRO1
Magnetic Recorder Operator II 8 06-CT PMO MRO MRO2
Magnetic Recorder Operator III 11 06-CT PMO MRO MRO3
Mail Sorter 4 05-TC CDOR MS MS
Make-up Artist 2 17-MS BC MUPA MUPA
Malacologist I 11 13-MP Z MOL MCL1
Malacologist II 15 13-MP Z MOL MCL2
Malaria Control Foreman 7 09-MH PC MCF MCF
Management and Audit Analyst I 11 02-FS MS MAA MAA1
Management and Audit Analyst II 15 02-FS MS MAA MAA2
Management and Audit Analyst III 18 02-FS MS MAA MAA3
Management and Audit Analyst IV 22 02-FS MS MAA MAA4
Management and Audit Analyst V 24 02-FS MS MAA MAA5
Management and Audit Assistant 8 02-FS MS MAA MASST
Management Specialist I 13 02-FS MS MSPL MS1
Management Specialist II 16 02-FS MS MSPL MS2
Managing News Editor 22 08-IA ID NE MANEW
Manpower Development Assistant 8 07-SS LEMD MDO MDA
Manpower Development Officer I 11 07-SS LEMD MDO MDO1
Manpower Development Officer II 15 07-SS LEMD MDO MDO2
Manpower Development Regional Coordinator 25 07-SS LEMD MDO MDRC
Marine Engineman I 4 06-CT MHOR ME ME1
Marine Engineman II 6 06-CT MHOR ME ME2
Maritime Industry Development Assistant 8 05-TC MTS MIDS MIDA
Maritime Industry Development Specialist I 11 05-TC MTS MIDS MIDS1
Maritime Industry Development Specialist II 15 05-TC MTS MIDS MIDS2
Market Inspector I 6 12-TT MOR MKTI MKTI1
Market Inspector II 8 12-TT MOR MKTI MKTI2
Market Specialist I 11 12-TT MOR MKTS MKTS1
Market Specialist II 15 12-TT MOR MKTS MKTS2
Market Specialist III 18 12-TT MOR MKTS MKTS3
Market Specialist IV 22 12-TT MOR MKTS MKTS4
Market Specialist V 24 12-TT MOR MKTS MKTS5
Market Supervisor I 10 12-TT MOR MSUP MSUP1
Market Supervisor II 14 12-TT MOR MSUP MSUP2
Market Supervisor III 18 12-TT MOR MSUP MSUP3
Market Supervisor IV 22 12-TT MOR MSUP MSUP4
Market Supervisor V 24 12-TT MOR MSUP MSUP5
Mason Foreman 8 06-CT BGHC MSN MF
Mason I 3 06-CT BGHC MSN MSN1
Mason II 5 06-CT BGHC MSN MSN2
Master Fisherman I 5 11-AA AQD MFISH MFISH1
Master Fisherman II 8 11-AA AQD MFISH MFISH2
Master Tailor I 5 06-CT BW MTLOR MTLOR1
Master Tailor II 8 06-CT BW MTLOR MTLOR2
Master Teacher I 16 10-EL SCUT MTCHR MTCHR1
Master Teacher II 17 10-EL SCUT MTCHR MTCHR2
Master Teacher III 18 10-EL SCUT MTCHR MTCHR3
Master Teacher IV 19 10-EL SCUT MTCHR MTCHR4
Mathematician Aide I 6 13-MP MM MTH MTHA1
Mathematician Aide II 8 13-MP MM MTH MTHA2
Mathematician I 10 13-MP MM MTH MTH1
Mathematician II 14 13-MP MM MTH MTH2
Meat Control Officer I 13 09-MH V MCO MCO1
Meat Control Officer II 16 09-MH V MCO MCO2
Meat Inspector I 6 09-MH V MITI MITI1
Meat Inspector II 8 09-MH V MITI MITI2
Meat Inspector III 11 09-MH V MITI MITI3
Mechanic I 4 06-CT MHOR MECH MECH1
Mechanic II 6 06-CT MHOR MECH MECH2
Mechanic III 9 06-CT MHOR MECH MECH3
Mechanical Plant Operator I 4 06-CT MHOR MPO MPO1
Mechanical Plant Operator II 6 06-CT MHOR MPO MPO2
Mechanical Plant Operator III 9 06-CT MHOR MPO MPO3
Mechanical Plant Supervisor I 11 06-CT MHOR MPO MPS1
Mechanical Plant Supervisor II 13 06-CT MHOR MPO MPS2
Mechanical Shop Foreman 11 06-CT MHOR MECH MSF
Mechanical Shop General Foreman 13 06-CT MHOR MECH MSGF
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer I 11 08-IA MAR MARO MARO1
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer II 15 08-IA MAR MARO MARO2
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer III 18 08-IA MAR MARO MARO3
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer IV 22 08-IA MAR MARO MARO4
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer V 24 08-IA MAR MARO MARO5
Media Production Aide 5 08-IA MMP MPXS MPXA
Media Production Assistant 8 08-IA MMP MPXS MPXAS
Media Production Specialist I 11 08-IA MMP MPXS MPXS1
Media Production Specialist II 15 08-IA MMP MPXS MPXS2
Media Production Specialist III 18 08-IA MMP MPXS MPXS3
Media Production Specialist IV 22 08-IA MMP MPXS MPXS4
Media Production Specialist V 24 08-IA MMP MPXS MPXS5
Mediator-Arbiter 25 07-SS LCMA MARB MARB
Medical Center Chief I 26 09-MH M MDC MDC1
Medical Center Chief II 27 09-MH M MDC MDC2
Medical Equipment Technician I 6 06-CT MHOR MEQT MEQT1
Medical Equipment Technician II 8 06-CT MHOR MEQT MEQT2
Medical Equipment Technician III 11 06-CT MHOR MEQT MEQT3
Medical Equipment Technician IV 13 06-CT MHOR MEQT MEQT4
Medical Laboratory Technician I 6 09-MH MT MLAB MLAB1
Medical Laboratory Technician II 8 09-MH MT MLAB MLAB2
Medical Laboratory Technician III 10 09-MH MT MLAB MLAB3
Medical Officer I 14 09-MH M MDOF MDOF1
Medical Officer II 16 09-MH M MDOF MDOF2
Medical Officer III 18 09-MH M MDOF MDOF3
Medical Officer IV 20 09-MH M MDOF MDOF4
Medical Officer V 22 09-MH M MDOF MDOF5
Medical Officer VI 24 09-MH M MDOF MDOF6
Medical Officer VII 25 09-MH M MDOF MDOF7
Medical Specialist I 21 09-MH M MDSP MDSP1
Medical Specialist II 22 09-MH M MDSP MDSP2
Medical Specialist III 23 09-MH M MDSP MDSP3
Medical Specialist IV 24 09-MH M MDSP MDSP4
Medical Specialist V 26 09-MH M MDSP MDSP5
Medical Specialist VI 28 09-MH M MDSP MDSP6
Medical Specialist VII 30 09-MH M MDSP MDSP7
Medical Technologist I 11 09-MH MT MDTK MDTK1
Medical Technologist II 15 09-MH MT MDTK MDTK2
Medical Technologist III 18 09-MH MT MDTK MDTK3
Medical Technologist IV 20 09-MH MT MDTK MDTK4
Medical Technologist V 22 09-MH MT MDTK MDTK5
Medico-Legal Officer I 18 09-MH M MDLO MDLO1
Medico-Legal Officer II 20 09-MH M MDLO MDLO2
Medico-Legal Officer III 22 09-MH M MDLO MDLO3
Medico-Legal Officer IV 24 09-MH M MDLO MDLO4
Medico-Legal Officer V 25 09-MH M MDLO MDLO5
Member of the House of Representatives 31 19-LS CG MHREP MHREP
Member, Constitutional Commission 30 18-ES TMG CCMOC MCC
Member, Regional Assembly 29 19-LS RLA SRSA MREGA
Message Writer 15 08-IA ID MW MW
Messenger 2 01-GA CSET MESS M
Metal Worker Foreman 9 06-CT MW MTW MTWF
Metal Worker General Foreman 11 06-CT MW MTW MTWGF
Metal Worker I 4 06-CT MW MTW MTW1
Metal Worker II 6 06-CT MW MTW MTW2
Metallurgist I 11 13-MP ML MTLL MTLL1
Metallurgist II 15 13-MP ML MTLL MTLL2
Metals Technologist I 6 13-MP ML MTEK MTEK1
Metals Technologist II 8 13-MP ML MTEK MTEK2
Metals Technologist III 10 13-MP ML MTEK MTEK3
Metals Technologist IV 12 13-MP ML MTEK MTEK4
Metals Technologist V 14 13-MP ML MTEK MTEK5
Meter Reader I 4 05-TC PUAR MRDR MRDR1
Meter Reader II 6 05-TC PUAR MRDR MRDR2
Meter Reader III 9 05-TC PUAR MRDR MRDR3
Metro Aide I 2 06-CT GUS MAID MAID1
Metro Aide II 4 06-CT GUS MAID MAID2
Metro Trial Court Judge 28 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ METCJ
Microfilming Machine Operator I 6 03-PS IT MFLM MFLM1
Microfilming Machine Operator II 8 03-PS IT MFLM MFLM2
Microfilming Machine Operator III 11 03-PS IT MFLM MFLM3
Midwife I 6 09-MH N MDWF MDWF1
Midwife II 8 09-MH N MDWF MDWF2
Midwife III 11 09-MH N MDWF MDWF3
Midwife IV 13 09-MH N MDWF MDWF4
Midwife V 15 09-MH N MDWF MDWF5
Midwife VI 18 09-MH N MDWF MDWF6
Midwifery School Principal I 21 09-MH N MWSP MWSP1
Midwifery School Principal II 23 09-MH N MWSP MWSP2
Mineral Analyst 11 13-MP G MINA MINA
Mining Claims Examiner I 10 11-AA MCE MINC MINC1
Mining Claims Examiner II 14 11-AA MCE MINC MINC2
Mining Claims Examiner III 18 11-AA MCE MINC MINC3
Mining Operations Officer 24 13-MP ML MOO MOO
Motor Pool Dispatcher 6 05-TC AEO MTPS MPD
Motor Pool Supervisor I 7 05-TC AEO MTPS MTPS1
Motor Pool Supervisor II 9 05-TC AEO MTPS MTPS2
Motor Vehicle Inspector 6 05-TC TDR MVI MVI
Movie Equipment Technician I 6 08-IA MMP MET MET1
Movie Equipment Technician II 8 08-IA MMP MET MET2
Movie Equipment Technician III 11 08-IA MMP MET MET3
Municipal Agrarian Reform Program Officer 20 11-AA AGR ARPO MARPO
Municipal Agricultural Officer 20 11-AA AGD AG MAGO
Municipal Circuit Trial Court Judge 26 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ MCTCJ
Municipal Government Assistant Department Head I 22 18-ES LEXE MGAON MGADH1
Municipal Government Assistant Department Head II 23 18-ES LEXE MGAON MGADH2
Municipal Government Department Head I 24 18-ES LEXE MGDAH MGDH1
Municipal Government Department Head II 25 18-ES LEXE MGDAH MGDH2
Municipal Mayor I 27 18-ES LEXE MYR MYR1
Municipal Mayor II 28 18-ES LEXE MYR MYR2
Municipal Trial Court Judge 26 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ MTCJ
Municipal Vice Mayor I 25 18-ES LEXE MVM MVM1
Municipal Vice Mayor II 26 18-ES LEXE MVM MVM2
Munitions Operator Foreman 9 14-DS OMRR MO MOF
Munitions Operator General Foreman 11 14-DS OMRR MO MOGF
Munitions Operator I 4 14-DS OMRR MO MO1
Munitions Operator II 6 14-DS OMRR MO MO2
Munitions Production Supervisor 12 14-DS OMRR MUNPT MUNPS
Munitions Production Technician I 6 14-DS OMRR MUNPT MUNPT1
Munitions Production Technician II 8 14-DS OMRR MUNPT MUNPT2
Museum Curator I 22 10-EL MSC MUSC MUSC1
Museum Curator II 24 10-EL MSC MUSC MUSC2
Museum Guide 9 10-EL MSC MUSG MUSG
Museum Researcher I 10 10-EL MSC MUSR MUSR1
Museum Researcher II 14 10-EL MSC MUSR MUSR2
Museum Technician I 6 10-EL MSC MUST MUST1
Museum Technician II 8 10-EL MSC MUST MUST2
Music Director 11 08-IA MC MUSIC MUSICD
Musician 5 08-IA MC MUSIC MUSIC
National Cashier 24 02-FS CH NCASH NCASH
National Intelligence Assistant I 8 14-DS NI NIS NIA1
National Intelligence Assistant II 10 14-DS NI NIS NIA2
National Intelligence Specialist I 11 14-DS NI NIS NIS1
National Intelligence Specialist II 15 14-DS NI NIS NIS2
National Intelligence Specialist III 18 14-DS NI NIS NIS3
National Intelligence Specialist IV 22 14-DS NI NIS NIS4
National Intelligence Specialist V 24 14-DS NI NIS NIS5
National Security Specialist I 12 14-DS NS NSS NSS1
National Security Specialist II 16 14-DS NS NSS NSS2
National Security Specialist III 19 14-DS NS NSS NSS3
National Security Specialist IV 22 14-DS NS NSS NSS4
National Security Specialist V 24 14-DS NS NSS NSS5
Nautical Writer I 6 04-AE SZ NAUW NAUW1
Nautical Writer II 8 04-AE SZ NAUW NAUW2
Network Controller I 8 08-IA BOPP NETC NETC1
Network Controller II 11 08-IA BOPP NETC NETC2
News Analyst I 11 08-IA ID NA NA1
News Analyst II 15 08-IA ID NA NA2
News Analyst III 18 08-IA ID NA NA3
News Analyst IV 22 08-IA ID NA NA4
News Editor I 12 08-IA ID NE NE1
News Editor II 16 08-IA ID NE NE2
News Reporter I 15 08-IA ID NR NR1
News Reporter II 17 08-IA ID NR NR2
Newscaster I 15 08-IA ID NR NC1
Newscaster II 17 08-IA ID NR NC2
Nurse I 10 09-MH N NURS NURS1
Nurse II 14 09-MH N NURS NURS2
Nurse III 16 09-MH N NURS NURS3
Nurse IV 18 09-MH N NURS NURS4
Nurse Maid I 2 17-MS LDS NM NM1
Nurse Maid II 4 17-MS LDS NM NM2
Nurse V 20 09-MH N NURS NURS5
Nurse VI 22 09-MH N NURS NURS6
Nurse VII 24 09-MH N NURS NURS7
Nursing Adviser 22 09-MH N NADV NADV
Nursing Attendant I 4 09-MH N NATT NATT1
Nursing Attendant II 6 09-MH N NATT NATT2
Nursing School Principal I 21 09-MH N NUSP NUSP1
Nursing School Principal II 22 09-MH N NUSP NUSP2
Nursing School Principal III 23 09-MH N NUSP NUSP3
Nutrition Officer I 10 09-MH DT NUTO NUTO1
Nutrition Officer II 14 09-MH DT NUTO NUTO2
Nutrition Officer III 18 09-MH DT NUTO NUTO3
Nutrition Officer IV 22 09-MH DT NUTO NUTO4
Nutrition Officer V 24 09-MH DT NUTO NUTO5
Nutrition Program Coordinator 25 09-MH DT NUTPC NUTPC
Nutritionist-Dietitian I 10 09-MH DT ND ND1
Nutritionist-Dietitian II 14 09-MH DT ND ND2
Nutritionist-Dietitian III 18 09-MH DT ND ND3
Nutritionist-Dietitian IV 20 09-MH DT ND ND4
Nutritionist-Dietitian V 22 09-MH DT ND ND5
Nutritionist-Dietitian VI 24 09-MH DT ND ND6
Occupational Therapist I 10 09-MH OPST OT OT1
Occupational Therapist II 14 09-MH OPST OT OT2
Occupational Therapist III 18 09-MH OPST OT OT3
Occupational Therapist IV 22 09-MH OPST OT OT4
Occupational Therapy Technician I 6 09-MH OPST OTT OTT1
Occupational Therapy Technician II 8 09-MH OPST OTT OTT2
Oceanographer I 11 13-MP OC O O1
Oceanographer II 15 13-MP OC O O2
Oceanographer III 18 13-MP OC O O3
Oceanographer IV 22 13-MP OC O O4
Oceanographer V 24 13-MP OC O O5
Offset Camera Operator I 6 08-IA PH OCO OCO1
Offset Camera Operator II 8 08-IA PH OCO OCO2
Ombudsman 31 15-LJ GI OMB OMB
Optometrist I 11 09-MH O OPTO OPTO1
Optometrist II 15 09-MH O OPTO OPTO2
Ordnance Technician I 6 14-DS OMRR ORDT ORDT1
Ordnance Technician II 8 14-DS OMRR ORDT ORDT2
Ordnance Technician III 11 14-DS OMRR ORDT ORDT3
Overall Deputy Ombudsman 30 15-LJ GI OMB ODO
Overseas Employment Adjudicator 25 07-SS LCMA OEA OEA
Overseas Worker Welfare Assistant 8 07-SS LEMD OWWO OWWA
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer I 11 07-SS LEMD OWWO OWWO1
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer II 15 07-SS LEMD OWWO OWWO2
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer III 18 07-SS LEMD OWWO OWWO3
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer IV 22 07-SS LEMD OWWO OWWO4
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer V 24 07-SS LEMD OWWO OWWO5
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer VI 25 07-SS LEMD OWWO OWWO6
Painter Foreman 8 06-CT BGHC P PF
Painter General Foreman 10 06-CT BGHC P PGF
Painter I 3 06-CT BGHC P P1
Painter II 5 06-CT BGHC P P2
Paper Cutting Machine Operator I 3 06-CT PW PCMO PCMO1
Paper Cutting Machine Operator II 5 06-CT PW PCMO PCMO2
Paper Cutting Machine Operator III 8 06-CT PW PCMO PCMO3
Park Attendant I 2 17-MS PTA PA PA1
Park Attendant II 4 17-MS PTA PA PA2
Park Attendant III 6 17-MS PTA PA PA3
Park Maintenance Foreman 8 17-MS PTA PA PMF
Park Maintenance General Foreman 10 17-MS PTA PA PMGF
Park Maintenance Supervisor 14 17-MS PTA PA PMS
Park Operations Superintendent I 16 17-MS PTA POS POS1
Park Operations Superintendent II 18 17-MS PTA POS POS2
Park Operations Superintendent III 20 17-MS PTA POS POS3
Park Operations Superintendent IV 22 17-MS PTA POS POS4
Park Operations Superintendent V 24 17-MS PTA POS POS5
Parking Aide I 2 17-MS PO PAID PAID1
Parking Aide II 4 17-MS PO PAID PAID2
Parking Aide III 6 17-MS PO PAID PAID3
Parking Aide IV 7 17-MS PO PAID PAID4
Parole Officer I 16 07-SS PPA PARO PARO1
Parole Officer II 18 07-SS PPA PARO PARO2
Patternmaker I 4 06-CT BW PAT PAT1
Patternmaker II 6 06-CT BW PAT PAT2
Peace Program Officer I 11 07-SS PP PPO PPO1
Peace Program Officer II 15 07-SS PP PPO PPO2
Peace Program Officer III 18 07-SS PP PPO PPO3
Peace Program Officer IV 22 07-SS PP PPO PPO4
Peace Program Officer V 24 07-SS PP PPO PPO5
Penal Institution Program Officer I 11 07-SS PIM PIPO PIPO1
Penal Institution Program Officer II 15 07-SS PIM PIPO PIPO2
Penal Institution Superintendent I 20 14-DS CSS PIS PIS1
Penal Institution Superintendent II 22 14-DS CSS PIS PIS2
Penal Institution Superintendent III 24 14-DS CSS PIS PIS3
Penal Institution Superintendent IV 26 14-DS CSS PIS PIS4
Penal Institution Supervisor 18 14-DS CSS PISU PISU
Personnel Analyst 11 01-GA HRM PS PAN
Personnel Specialist I 13 01-GA HRM PS PS1
Personnel Specialist II 16 01-GA HRM PS PS2
Pest Control Technician 7 09-MH PC PCT PCT
Pest Control Worker I 4 09-MH PC PCW PCW1
Pest Control Worker II 6 09-MH PC PCW PCW2
Pharmacist I 10 09-MH PY PH PH1
Pharmacist II 12 09-MH PY PH PH2
Pharmacist III 14 09-MH PY PH PH3
Pharmacist IV 18 09-MH PY PH PH4
Pharmacist V 20 09-MH PY PH PH5
Pharmacist VI 22 09-MH PY PH PH6
Pharmacist VII 24 09-MH PY PH PH7
Pharmacy Adviser 22 09-MH PY PHA PHA
Pharmacy Program Supervisor 22 09-MH PY PHPS PHPS
Philatelic Artist I 9 08-IA I PHILA PHILA1
Philatelic Artist II 11 08-IA I PHILA PHILA2
PHILJA Deputy Executive Secretary 28 10-EL STCA PJEAS PJDEXS
PHILJA Executive Secretary 29 10-EL STCA PJEXS PJEXS
Phlebotomist 18 07-SS PIM PBT PBT
Photo Editor I 6 08-IA PH PHED PHED1
Photo Editor II 8 08-IA PH PHED PHED2
Photo Journalist I 6 08-IA PH PHOJO PHOJO1
Photo Journalist II 8 08-IA PH PHOJO PHOJO2
Photoengraver I 4 06-CT PMO PHOEN PHOEN1
Photoengraver II 6 06-CT PMO PHOEN PHOEN2
Photoengraver III 9 06-CT PMO PHOEN PHOEN3
Photoengraver IV 11 06-CT PMO PHOEN PHOEN4
Photographer I 5 08-IA PH PHOTO PHOTO1
Photographer II 7 08-IA PH PHOTO PHOTO2
Photographer III 10 08-IA PH PHOTO PHOTO3
Photographer IV 12 08-IA PH PHOTO PHOTO4
Photographer V 15 08-IA PH PHOTO PHOTO5
Photographer VI 18 08-IA PH PHOTO PHOTO6
Photographic Color Processor I 6 08-IA PH PCP PCP1
Photographic Color Processor II 8 08-IA PH PCP PCP2
Photographic Color Processor III 11 08-IA PH PCP PCP3
Photo-Lithographic Technician I 6 06-CT PMO PLT PLT1
Photo-Lithographic Technician II 8 06-CT PMO PLT PLT2
Physical Therapist I 10 09-MH OPST PHT PHT1
Physical Therapist II 14 09-MH OPST PHT PHT2
Physical Therapist III 18 09-MH OPST PHT PHT3
Physical Therapist IV 22 09-MH OPST PHT PHT4
Physical Therapy Technician I 6 09-MH OPST PTT PTT1
Physical Therapy Technician II 8 09-MH OPST PTT PTT2
Physicist I 11 13-MP P PHY PHY1
Physicist II 15 13-MP P PHY PHY2
Pilot I 18 05-TC AV PIL PIL1
Pilot II 20 05-TC AV PIL PIL2
Pipefitter Foreman 8 06-CT BGHC PIP PIPF
Pipefitter I 3 06-CT BGHC PIP PIP1
Pipefitter II 5 06-CT BGHC PIP PIP2
Planning Assistant 8 03-PS PL PLO PLA
Planning Officer I 11 03-PS PL PLO PLO1
Planning Officer II 15 03-PS PL PLO PLO2
Planning Officer III 18 03-PS PL PLO PLO3
Planning Officer IV 22 03-PS PL PLO PLO4
Planning Officer V 24 03-PS PL PLO PLO5
Plumber Foreman 8 06-CT BGHC PLUM PLUMF
Plumber I 3 06-CT BGHC PLUM PLUM1
Plumber II 5 06-CT BGHC PLUM PLUM2
Plumbing and Tinning Inspector I 8 06-CT BGHC PTI PTI1
Plumbing and Tinning Inspector II 10 06-CT BGHC PTI PTI2
Police Inspector I 11 14-DS PA POL POL1
Police Inspector II 15 14-DS PA POL POL2
Police Inspector III 18 14-DS PA POL POL3
Police Inspector IV 22 14-DS PA POL POL4
Police Inspector V 24 14-DS PA POL POL5
Political Affairs Assistant I 7 07-SS PAF PAA PAA1
Political Affairs Assistant II 10 07-SS PAF PAA PAA2
Political Affairs Assistant III 11 07-SS PAF PAA PAA3
Political Affairs Employee I 4 07-SS PAF PAE PAE1
Political Affairs Employee II 6 07-SS PAF PAE PAE2
Political Affairs Officer I 14 07-SS PAF PAO PAO1
Political Affairs Officer II 16 07-SS PAF PAO PAO2
Political Affairs Officer III 19 07-SS PAF PAO PAO3
Political Affairs Officer IV 20 07-SS PAF PAO PAO4
Political Affairs Officer V 21 07-SS PAF PAO PAO5
Political Affairs Officer VI 24 07-SS PAF PAO PAO6
Polygraph Examiner I 10 14-DS CI POLEX POLEX1
Polygraph Examiner II 14 14-DS CI POLEX POLEX2
Polygraph Examiner III 18 14-DS CI POLEX POLEX3
Polygraph Examiner IV 22 14-DS CI POLEX POLEX4
Polygraph Examiner V 24 14-DS CI POLEX POLEX5
Population Program Officer I 11 07-SS PCL POP POP1
Population Program Officer II 15 07-SS PCL POP POP2
Population Program Officer III 18 07-SS PCL POP POP3
Population Program Officer IV 22 07-SS PCL POP POP4
Population Program Officer V 24 07-SS PCL POP POP5
Population Program Worker I 5 07-SS PCL POPW POPW1
Population Program Worker II 7 07-SS PCL POPW POPW2
Population Program Worker III 9 07-SS PCL POPW POPW3
Population Programs Coordinator 24 07-SS PCL POPC POPC
Postage Stamps Custodian I 10 05-TC CDOR PSC PSC1
Postage Stamps Custodian II 14 05-TC CDOR PSC PSC2
Postage Stamps Custodian III 17 05-TC CDOR PSC PSC3
Postal Service Assistant 8 05-TC CDOR POST POSTA
Postal Service Officer I 11 05-TC CDOR POST POST1
Postal Service Officer II 15 05-TC CDOR POST POST2
Postal Teller I 6 05-TC CDOR POSTL POSTL1
Postal Teller II 8 05-TC CDOR POSTL POSTL2
Postal Teller III 11 05-TC CDOR POSTL POSTL3
Postmaster I 10 05-TC CDOR POSTM POSTM1
Postmaster II 12 05-TC CDOR POSTM POSTM2
Postmaster III 14 05-TC CDOR POSTM POSTM3
Postmaster IV 17 05-TC CDOR POSTM POSTM4
Postmaster V 19 05-TC CDOR POSTM POSTM5
Postmaster VI 22 05-TC CDOR POSTM POSTM6
Postmaster VII 24 05-TC CDOR POSTM POSTM7
Poundkeeper I 3 17-MS PK PK PK1
Poundkeeper II 6 17-MS PK PK PK2
Precision Instrument Technician I 6 06-CT MHOR PITEC PITEC1
Precision Instrument Technician II 8 06-CT MHOR PITEC PITEC2
Precision Instrument Technician III 11 06-CT MHOR PITEC PITEC3
President of the Philippines 33 18-ES CE PRES PRES
President of the Senate 32 19-LS CG SEN PRESEN
Presidential Adviser 31 18-ES CES PRAD PRADR
Presidential Adviser on Legislative Affairs 31 18-ES CES PRAD PRALA
Presidential Assistant I 30 18-ES CES PRAS PRAS1
Presidential Assistant II 31 18-ES CES PRAS PRAS2
Presidential Legislative Adviser 30 18-ES CES PRAS PRAD
Presidential Legislative Assistant 30 18-ES CES PRAS PRLA
Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer I 24 01-GA EJLS PLLO PLLO1
Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer II 28 01-GA EJLS PLLO PLLO2
Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer III 29 01-GA EJLS PLLO PLLO3
Presidential Protocol Officer 28 18-ES CES PROTO PROTO
Presidential Spokesman 31 18-ES CES PRESP PRESP
Presidential Staff Assistant 10 01-GA EJLS PSO PRSA
Presidential Staff Officer I 11 01-GA EJLS PSO PSO1
Presidential Staff Officer II 13 01-GA EJLS PSO PSO2
Presidential Staff Officer III 16 01-GA EJLS PSO PSO3
Presidential Staff Officer IV 19 01-GA EJLS PSO PSO4
Presidential Staff Officer V 22 01-GA EJLS PSO PSO5
Presidential Staff Officer VI 24 01-GA EJLS PSO PSO6
Presiding Justice 31 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ PJ
Presiding Justice, Court of Appeals 31 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ PJCA
Presiding Justice, Sandiganbayan 31 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ PJS
Press Roller Maker I 3 06-CT PMO PRM PRM1
Press Roller Maker II 5 06-CT PMO PRM PRM2
Press Secretary 31 18-ES CES PRESEC PRESEC
Press-Proof Revisor 8 08-IA PF PPR CPR
Printing Foreman 9 08-IA PAD PRINF PRINF
Printing Machine Operator I 4 06-CT PMO PMACO PMACO1
Printing Machine Operator II 6 06-CT PMO PMACO PMACO2
Printing Machine Operator III 9 06-CT PMO PMACO PMACO3
Printing Machine Operator IV 11 06-CT PMO PMACO PMACO4
Printing Operations Assistant Chief 22 06-CT PMO POAC POAC
Printing Operations Chief 24 06-CT PMO POAC POC
Printing Order Writer I 6 08-IA PAD POW POW1
Printing Order Writer II 8 08-IA PAD POW POW2
Printing Order Writer III 11 08-IA PAD POW POW3
Printing Plant Maintenance Assistant Chief 15 06-CT MHOR PPMAC PPMAC
Printing Plant Maintenance Chief 18 06-CT MHOR PPMC PPMC
Printing Press Supervisor 13 06-CT PMO PPS PPS
Printing Quality Control Officer I 10 08-IA PAD PQCO PQCO1
Printing Quality Control Officer II 14 08-IA PAD PQCO PQCO2
Printing Quality Inspector I 4 08-IA PAD PQI PQI1
Printing Quality Inspector II 6 08-IA PAD PQI PQI2
Printing Quality Inspector III 9 08-IA PAD PQI PQI3
Printing Scheduler 5 08-IA PAD PSCHED PSCHED
Prison Guard I 5 14-DS CSS PRISG PRISG1
Prison Guard II 7 14-DS CSS PRISG PRISG2
Prison Guard III 10 14-DS CSS PRISG PRISG3
Private Secretary I 11 01-GA CSET PSEC PSEC1
Private Secretary II 15 01-GA CSET PSEC PSEC2
Private Secretary III 18 01-GA CSET PSEC PSEC3
Probation Officer I 11 07-SS PPA PROB PROB1
Probation Officer II 15 07-SS PPA PROB PROB2
Process Server 5 01-GA CSET PROCS PROCS
Production Cost Estimator I 6 03-PS PPC PCE PCE1
Production Cost Estimator II 8 03-PS PPC PCE PCE2
Production Cost Estimator III 11 03-PS PPC PCE PCE3
Production Planning and Control Assistant 8 03-PS PPC PPCO PPCA
Production Planning and Control Officer I 10 03-PS PPC PPCO PPCO1
Production Planning and Control Officer II 14 03-PS PPC PPCO PPCO2
Production Planning and Control Officer III 18 03-PS PPC PPCO PPCO3
Production Planning and Control Officer IV 22 03-PS PPC PPCO PPCO4
Production Planning and Control Officer V 24 03-PS PPC PPCO PPCO5
Professional Regulations Assistant 8 07-SS PR PREGO PREGA
Professional Regulations Officer I 11 07-SS PR PREGO PREGO1
Professional Regulations Officer II 13 07-SS PR PREGO PREGO2
Professional Regulations Officer III 16 07-SS PR PREGO PREGO3
Professor I 24 10-EL SCUT PROF PROF1
Professor II 25 10-EL SCUT PROF PROF2
Professor III 26 10-EL SCUT PROF PROF3
Professor IV 27 10-EL SCUT PROF PROF4
Professor V 28 10-EL SCUT PROF PROF5
Professor VI 29 10-EL SCUT PROF PROF6
Project Development Assistant 8 03-PS PDE PDO PDA
Project Development Officer I 11 03-PS PDE PDO PDO1
Project Development Officer II 15 03-PS PDE PDO PDO2
Project Development Officer III 18 03-PS PDE PDO PDO3
Project Development Officer IV 22 03-PS PDE PDO PDO4
Project Development Officer V 24 03-PS PDE PDO PDO5
Project Evaluation Assistant 8 03-PS PDE PEO PEA
Project Evaluation Officer I 11 03-PS PDE PEO PEO1
Project Evaluation Officer II 15 03-PS PDE PEO PEO2
Project Evaluation Officer III 18 03-PS PDE PEO PEO3
Project Evaluation Officer IV 22 03-PS PDE PEO PEO4
Project Evaluation Officer V 24 03-PS PDE PEO PEO5
Project Manager I 25 18-ES PM PM PM1
Project Manager II 26 18-ES PM PM PM2
Project Manager III 27 18-ES PM PM PM3
Project Manager IV 28 18-ES PM PM PM4
Proofreader I 4 08-IA PF PROOF PROOF1
Proofreader II 6 08-IA PF PROOF PROOF2
Property  Custodian 8 01-GA SUM PROPC PROPC
Property Appraiser I 11 02-FS PRA PRAP PRAP1
Property Appraiser II 15 02-FS PRA PRAP PRAP2
Property Appraiser III 18 02-FS PRA PRAP PRAP3
Property Appraiser IV 22 02-FS PRA PRAP PRAP4
Property Appraiser V 24 02-FS PRA PRAP PRAP5
Prosecutor I 26 15-LJ PE PROSEC PROSEC1
Prosecutor II 27 15-LJ PE PROSEC PROSEC2
Prosecutor III 28 15-LJ PE PROSEC PROSEC3
Prosecutor IV 29 15-LJ PE PROSEC PROSEC4
Provincial Agrarian Reform Adjudicator 27 11-AA AGR ARA PARAD
Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer I 25 11-AA AGR ARPO PARPO1
Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer II 26 11-AA AGR ARPO PARPO2
Provincial Agricultural Officer 26 11-AA AGD AG PAO
Provincial Election Supervisor I 23 07-SS EAD PES PES1
Provincial Election Supervisor II 24 07-SS EAD PES PES2
Provincial Election Supervisor III 25 07-SS EAD PES PES3
Provincial Election Supervisor IV 26 07-SS EAD PES PES4
Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer 26 11-AA EERM EMS PENRO
Provincial Government Assistant Department Head 24 18-ES LEXE PGADH PGADH
Provincial Government Department Head 26 18-ES LEXE PGADH PGDH
Provincial Governor 30 18-ES LEXE GOV GOV
Provincial Health Officer I 25 09-MH M PHO PHO1
Provincial Health Officer II 26 09-MH M PHO PHO2
Provincial Trade and Industry Officer 26 12-TT TIDR SRTIDS PTIO
Provincial Vice-Governor 28 18-ES LEXE GOV VGOV
Provincial Warden 22 14-DS CSS PW PW
Psychologist I 11 07-SS S PSY PSY1
Psychologist II 15 07-SS S PSY PSY2
Psychologist III 18 07-SS S PSY PSY3
Public Attorney I 24 15-LJ PAT PATTY PATTY1
Public Attorney II 25 15-LJ PAT PATTY PATTY2
Public Attorney III 26 15-LJ PAT PATTY PATTY3
Public Attorney IV 27 15-LJ PAT PATTY PATTY4
Public Attorney V 28 15-LJ PAT PATTY PATTY5
Public Health Nurse I 12 09-MH N PHN PHN1
Public Health Nurse II 16 09-MH N PHN PHN2
Public Health Nurse III 19 09-MH N PHN PHN3
Public Relations Assistant 8 08-IA PUR PRO PRELA
Public Relations Officer I 11 08-IA PUR PRO PRO1
Public Relations Officer II 15 08-IA PUR PRO PRO2
Public Relations Officer III 18 08-IA PUR PRO PRO3
Public Relations Officer IV 22 08-IA PUR PRO PRO4
Public Relations Officer V 24 08-IA PUR PRO PRO5
Public Schools District Supervisor 21 10-EL STCA PSDS PSDS
Public Services Assistant 8 07-SS PS PSERO PSERA
Public Services Foreman 6 07-SS PS PSERF PSERF
Public Services Inspector I 6 07-SS PS PSERI PSERI1
Public Services Inspector II 8 07-SS PS PSERI PSERI2
Public Services Officer I 11 07-SS PS PSERO PSERO1
Public Services Officer II 15 07-SS PS PSERO PSERO2
Public Services Officer III 18 07-SS PS PSERO PSERO3
Public Services Officer IV 22 07-SS PS PSERO PSERO4
Public Services Officer V 24 07-SS PS PSERO PSERO5
Public Utilities Regulation Officer I 11 05-TC PUAR PURO PURO1
Public Utilities Regulation Officer II 15 05-TC PUAR PURO PURO2
Publication Circulation Assistant 8 08-IA ID PCTRCO PCTRCA
Publication Circulation Officer I 11 08-IA ID PCTRCO PCTRCO1
Publication Circulation Officer II 15 08-IA ID PCTRCO PCTRCO2
Publication Circulation Officer III 18 08-IA ID PCTRCO PCTRCO3
Publication Production Chief 18 08-IA PAD PPROS PPC
Publication Production Supervisor 15 08-IA PAD PPROS PPROS
Quartermaster 4 05-TC MTS COX QM
Radio Photo Equipment Operator 7 08-IA PH RPEO RPEO
Radiologic Technologist I 8 09-MH MT RT RT1
Radiologic Technologist II 10 09-MH MT RT RT2
Radiologic Technologist III 13 09-MH MT RT RT3
Radiologic Technologist IV 16 09-MH MT RT RT4
Radiologic Technologist V 18 09-MH MT RT RT5
Radiotherapeutic Nurse I 12 09-MH N RAON RAON1
Radiotherapeutic Nurse II 16 09-MH N RAON RAON2
Radiotherapeutic Nurse III 19 09-MH N RAON RAON3
Records  Management Analyst II 14 01-GA RM RM RMA2
Records Management  Analyst I 10 01-GA RM RM RMA1
Records Officer I 10 01-GA RM RO RO1
Records Officer II 14 01-GA RM RO RO2
Records Officer III 18 01-GA RM RO RO3
Records Officer IV 22 01-GA RM RO RO4
Records Officer V 24 01-GA RM RO RO5
Recreation and Welfare Services Assistant 7 08-IA RC RWSO RWSA
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer I 9 08-IA RC RWSO RWSO1
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer II 11 08-IA RC RWSO RWSO2
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer III 15 08-IA RC RWSO RWSO3
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer IV 18 08-IA RC RWSO RWSO4
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer V 22 08-IA RC RWSO RWSO5
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer VI 24 08-IA RC RWSO RWSO6
Regional Agrarian Reform Adjudicator 28 11-AA AGR ARA RARAD
Regional Cabinet Secretary 29 18-ES RGE ARCS RCSEC
Regional Chief of Staff 28 18-ES RGE ARCS RCS
Regional Equipment Engineer 25 04-AE EN ENG REE
Regional Executive Secretary 29 18-ES RGE ARCS RES
Regional Governor 31 18-ES RGE ARCS RGOV
Regional Legislative Secretary 29 18-ES RGE ARCS RLS
Regional Programs Coordinator 24 03-PS PDE RPC RPC
Regional Treasurer 27 18-ES RGE ARCS RTREAS
Regional Trial Court Judge 29 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ RTCJ
Regional Vice Governor 30 18-ES RGE ARCS RVGOV
Register of Deeds I 21 11-AA LREG RD RD1
Register of Deeds II 23 11-AA LREG RD RD2
Register of Deeds III 25 11-AA LREG RD RD3
Register of Deeds IV 27 11-AA LREG RD RD4
Registrar I 11 10-EL STCA R R1
Registrar II 15 10-EL STCA R R2
Registrar III 18 10-EL STCA R R3
Registrar IV 22 10-EL STCA R R4
Registrar V 24 10-EL STCA R R5
Registration Officer I 10 07-SS R REGO REGO1
Registration Officer II 14 07-SS R REGO REGO2
Registration Officer III 18 07-SS R REGO REGO3
Registration Officer IV 22 07-SS R REGO REGO4
Registration Officer V 24 07-SS R REGO REGO5
Religious Guidance Adviser 18 07-SS RG RGA RGA
Religious Sister 8 07-SS RG RS RS
Religious Worker 8 07-SS RG RW RW
Remote Sensing Technologist I 11 11-AA RST RST RST1
Remote Sensing Technologist II 15 11-AA RST RST RST2
Reproduction Machine Operator I 2 06-CT PW RMO RMO1
Reproduction Machine Operator II 4 06-CT PW RMO RMO2
Reproduction Machine Operator III 7 06-CT PW RMO RMO3
Revenue Collection Clerk I 5 02-FS LTO RCC RCC1
Revenue Collection Clerk II 7 02-FS LTO RCC RCC2
Revenue Collection Clerk III 9 02-FS LTO RCC RCC3
Revenue Officer I 11 02-FS RCEP REVO REVO1
Revenue Officer II 13 02-FS RCEP REVO REVO2
Revenue Officer III 16 02-FS RCEP REVO REVO3
Revenue Officer IV 19 02-FS RCEP REVO REVO4
Rodent Zone Inspector 6 09-MH PC RZI RZI
Rural Health Physician 24 09-MH M RHP RHP
Sales and Promotion Supervisor I 10 12-TT SPR SPS SPS1
Sales and Promotion Supervisor II 14 12-TT SPR SPS SPS2
Sales and Promotion Supervisor III 18 12-TT SPR SPS SPS3
Sales and Promotion Supervisor IV 22 12-TT SPR SPS SPS4
Sales and Promotion Supervisor V 24 12-TT SPR SPS SPS5
Sales Representative I 6 12-TT SPR SR SR1
Sales Representative II 8 12-TT SPR SR SR2
Sales Representative III 10 12-TT SPR SR SR3
Sales Representative IV 14 12-TT SPR SR SR4
Sangguniang Bayan Member I 24 19-LS SM SBM SBM1
Sangguniang Bayan Member II 25 19-LS SM SBM SBM2
Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member 27 19-LS SM SPNM SPMN
Sangguniang Panlungsod Member I 25 19-LS SM SPM SPM1
Sangguniang Panlungsod Member II 27 19-LS SM SPM SPM2
Sanitation Inspector I 6 09-MH HS SI SI1
Sanitation Inspector II 8 09-MH HS SI SI2
Sanitation Inspector III 11 09-MH HS SI SI3
Sanitation Inspector IV 13 09-MH HS SI SI4
Sanitation Inspector V 15 09-MH HS SI SI5
Sanitation Inspector VI 18 09-MH HS SI SI6
Scaler 5 11-AA FA SCALE SC
Scholarship Affairs Officer I 13 01-GA HRM SAO SAO1
Scholarship Affairs Officer II 16 01-GA HRM SAO SAO2
School Credits Evaluator 11 10-EL ERPS SCE SCE
School Farm Demonstrator 10 10-EL ERPS SFD SFD
School Farming Coordinator I 13 10-EL SCUT SFC SFC1
School Farming Coordinator II 14 10-EL SCUT SFC SFC2
School Farming Coordinator III 15 10-EL SCUT SFC SFC3
School Librarian I 10 10-EL LIS SL SL1
School Librarian II 11 10-EL LIS SL SL2
School Librarian III 12 10-EL LIS SL SL3
Schools Division Superintendent 26 10-EL STCA SDS SDS
Science Aide 4 13-MP SD SRAS SCA
Science Education Associate I 12 10-EL SES SES SEA1
Science Education Associate II 14 10-EL SES SES SEA2
Science Education Specialist I 16 10-EL SES SES SES1
Science Education Specialist II 18 10-EL SES SES SES2
Science Education Specialist III 20 10-EL SES SES SES3
Science Education Specialist IV 22 10-EL SES SES SES4
Science Education Specialist V 24 10-EL SES SES SES5
Science Research Analyst 11 13-MP SD SRAS SRAN
Science Research Assistant 9 13-MP SD SRAS SRAS
Science Research Specialist I 13 13-MP SD SRAS SRAS1
Science Research Specialist II 16 13-MP SD SRAS SRAS2
Science Research Technician I 9 13-MP SD SRT SRT1
Science Research Technician II 11 13-MP SD SRT SRT2
Science Research Technician III 13 13-MP SD SRT SRT3
Science Research Technician IV 16 13-MP SD SRT SRT4
Scientific Documentation Officer I 10 13-MP SD SDO SDO1
Scientific Documentation Officer II 14 13-MP SD SDO SDO2
Scientific Documentation Officer III 18 13-MP SD SDO SDO3
Scientific Documentation Officer IV 22 13-MP SD SDO SDO4
Scientific Documentation Officer V 24 13-MP SD SDO SDO5
Scientist I 26 13-MP SD SCIEN SCIEN1
Scientist II 27 13-MP SD SCIEN SCIEN2
Scientist III 28 13-MP SD SCIEN SCIEN3
Scientist IV 29 13-MP SD SCIEN SCIEN4
Scientist V 30 13-MP SD SCIEN SCIEN5
Scriptwriter I 12 08-IA ID SW SW1
Scriptwriter II 15 08-IA ID SW SW2
Sea Patrol Supervisor 17 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPATS
Seaman 3 05-TC MTS COX SMAN
Seamstress 2 06-CT BW SEAM SEAM
Second Mate 17 05-TC MTS COX SECM
Secondary School Principal I 18 10-EL STCA SECSP SECSP1
Secondary School Principal II 19 10-EL STCA SECSP SECSP2
Secondary School Principal III 20 10-EL STCA SECSP SECSP3
Secondary School Principal IV 21 10-EL STCA SECSP SECSP4
Secretary I 7 01-GA CSET SEC SEC1
Secretary II 9 01-GA CSET SEC SEC2
Secretary of the Commission on Appointments 31 18-ES TMG SCCONG SECCA
Secretary of the House Electoral Tribunal 30 18-ES TMG SCCONG SECHET
Secretary of the Regional Commission on Appointments 28 18-ES RGE ARCS SRCA
Secretary of the Senate 31 18-ES TMG SCCONG SECSEN
Secretary of the Senate Electoral Tribunal 30 18-ES TMG SCCONG SECSET
Secretary-General of the House of Representatives 31 18-ES TMG SCCONG SECGEN
Securities and Exchange Analyst 11 12-TT SER SECS SECA
Securities and Exchange Specialist I 13 12-TT SER SECS SECS1
Securities and Exchange Specialist II 16 12-TT SER SECS SECS2
Security Agent I 8 14-DS CSS SECAG SECAG1
Security Agent II 10 14-DS CSS SECAG SECAG2
Security Guard I 3 14-DS CSS SECG SECG1
Security Guard II 5 14-DS CSS SECG SECG2
Security Guard III 8 14-DS CSS SECG SECG3
Security Officer I 11 14-DS CSS SECO SECO1
Security Officer II 15 14-DS CSS SECO SECO2
Security Officer III 18 14-DS CSS SECO SECO3
Security Officer IV 22 14-DS CSS SECO SECO4
Security Officer V 24 14-DS CSS SECO SECO5
Senator 31 19-LS CG SEN SEN
Senior Administrative Assistant I 13 01-GA ADS ADO SADAS1
Senior Administrative Assistant II 14 01-GA ADS ADO SADAS2
Senior Administrative Assistant III 15 01-GA ADS ADO SADAS3
Senior Administrative Assistant IV 16 01-GA ADS ADO SADAS4
Senior Administrative Assistant V 18 01-GA ADS ADO SADAS5
Senior Agrarian Reform Program Officer 18 11-AA AGR ARPO SARPO
Senior Agrarian Reform Program Technologist 14 11-AA AGR ARPT SARPT
Senior Agriculturist 18 11-AA AGD AG SRAG
Senior Air Navigation System Specialist 19 04-AE AT ANSS SRANSS
Senior Air Traffic Controller 20 05-TC AV ATC SRATC
Senior Airways Communicator 19 05-TC AV ACOM SRANC
Senior Aquaculturist 18 11-AA AQD AQ SRAQ
Senior Archivist 18 10-EL ARV ARV SRARCH
Senior Auditing Systems Specialist 19 02-FS AFE ASS SRASS
Senior Aviation Safety Regulation Officer 18 05-TC AV AVSRO SRASRO
Senior Bookkeeper 9 02-FS AC BKP SRBK
Senior Budget and Management Specialist 19 02-FS B BMS SRBMS
Senior Budget Specialist 19 02-FS B BUDS SRBS
Senior Communications Development Officer 18 05-TC CDOR COMDO SRCDO
Senior Cooperatives Development Specialist 18 12-TT CD CODES SRCDS
Senior Defense Research Officer 18 14-DS DR DRO SRDRO
Senior Economic Development Specialist 19 03-PS ED EDS SREDS
Senior Ecosystems Management Specialist 18 11-AA EERM ECOMS SREMS
Senior Education Program Specialist 19 10-EL ERPS EPS SREPS
Senior Emigrant Services Officer 18 07-SS ES ESO SRESO
Senior Energy Regulation Officer 18 11-AA ER ERO SRERO
Senior Environmental Management Specialist 18 11-AA EERM EMS SRENM
Senior Fiber Development Officer 18 11-AA FD FIDO SRFDO
Senior Fidelity Bond Examiner 18 02-FS BFCP FIBEX SRFBE
Senior Fishing Regulations Officer 18 11-AA AQD FIRO SRFRO
Senior Foreign Affairs Adviser 24 16-FR FS FCAF SRFAA
Senior Foreign Affairs Research Specialist 18 16-FR FAR FOARS SRFARS
Senior Forest Management Specialist 18 11-AA FA FMS SRFMS
Senior Geologist 18 13-MP G GEOL SRGEO
Senior Health Program Officer 18 09-MH HPD HPO SRHPO
Senior Historic Sites Development Officer 18 10-EL HSD HISDO SRHSDO
Senior History Researcher 18 10-EL HR HTRYR SRHR
Senior Home Management Specialist 18 07-SS HM HOMT SRHMS
Senior Immigration Officer 19 07-SS IMR IMGO SRIO
Senior Industrial Design Specialist 18 08-IA I IND SRIDS
Senior Insurance Specialist 18 12-TT IR INS SRIS
Senior Investments Specialist 18 12-TT IA IMENTS SRIWS
Senior Labor and Employment Officer 19 07-SS LEMD LEO SRLEO
Senior Language Researcher 18 10-EL LRES LANRE SRLR
Senior Letter Carrier 8 05-TC CDOR LETCAR SRLC
Senior Local Treasury Examiner 18 02-FS AFE LTEX SRTE
Senior Mail Sorter 6 05-TC CDOR MS SRMS
Senior Management Specialist 19 02-FS MS MSPL SRMNS
Senior Manpower Development Officer 18 07-SS LEMD MDO SRMDO
Senior Maritime Industry Development Specialist 18 05-TC MTS MIDS SRMIDS
Senior Meat Control Officer 19 09-MH V MCO SRMCO
Senior Metallurgist 18 13-MP ML MTLL SRMET
Senior Museum Researcher 18 10-EL MSC MUSR SRMR
Senior News Editor 19 08-IA ID NE SRNE
Senior Parole Officer 21 07-SS PPA PARO SRPO
Senior Penal Institution Program Officer 18 07-SS PIM PIPO SRPIPO
Senior Personnel Specialist 19 01-GA HRM PS SRPS
Senior Phlebotomist 20 07-SS PIM PBT SRPBT
Senior Postal Service Officer 18 05-TC CDOR POST SRPSO
Senior Probation Officer 18 07-SS PPA PROB SRPROB
Senior Professional Regulations Officer 19 07-SS PR PREGO SRPREGO
Senior Public Utilities Regulation Officer 18 05-TC PUAR PURO SRPURO
Senior Records Management Analyst 18 01-GA RM RM SRRMA
Senior Remote Sensing Technologist 18 11-AA RST RST SRST
Senior Scholarship Affairs Officer 19 01-GA HRM SAO SRSAO
Senior Science Research Specialist 19 13-MP SD SRAS SRSRS
Senior Securities and Exchange Specialist 19 12-TT SER SECS SRSECS
Senior Shipbuilding Specialist 18 05-TC MTS SHS SRSS
Senior Shipping Operations Specialist 18 05-TC MTS SHOS SRSOS
Senior Shrine Curator 18 10-EL MSC SC SRSC
Senior Sports and Games Regulation Officer 18 08-IA SDGR SGREGO SRSGRO
Senior Stenographer to the President 18 01-GA CSET STENP SRSP
Senior Stenographer to the Regional Governor 16 01-GA CSET STENP STENRGOV
Senior Tariff Specialist 18 02-FS RCEP TS SRTS
Senior Tax Specialist 18 02-FS RCEP TXS SRTXS
Senior Technical Audit Specialist 19 02-FS AFE TASP SRTAS
Senior Technical Education and Skills Development Specialist 19 07-SS TESD TESDS SRTESDS
Senior Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer 18 05-TC CDOR TELTSO SRTTSO
Senior Tourism Operations Officer 18 12-TT TO TOO SRTOO
Senior Trade-Industry Development Specialist 18 12-TT TIDR SRTIDS SRTIDS
Senior Transportation Development Officer 18 05-TC TDR TRNSDO SRTDO
Senior Transportation Regulation Officer 18 05-TC TDR TRNSRO SRTRO
Senior Veterans Assistance Officer 18 07-SS VA VETAO SRVAO
Senior Volunteer Service Officer 18 07-SS SWD VOLSO SRVSO
Senior Water Resources Development Officer 19 04-AE WRSD WSDO SRWRDO
Senior Weather Specialist 19 13-MP WO WSP SRWS
Sergeant-At-Arms I 24 14-DS CSS SGT SGT1
Sergeant-At-Arms II 26 14-DS CSS SGT SGT2
Sergeant-At-Arms III 28 14-DS CSS SGT SGT3
Sergeant-At-Arms IV 30 14-DS CSS SGT SGT4
Sharia Circuit Court Judge 26 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ SCCJ
Sharia District Court Judge 29 15-LJ JJ MCTCJ SDCJ
Sheriff I 5 14-DS CSS SHE SHE1
Sheriff II 7 14-DS CSS SHE SHE2
Sheriff III 10 14-DS CSS SHE SHE3
Sheriff IV 12 14-DS CSS SHE SHE4
Ship Master 23 05-TC MTS COX SHN
Shipbuilding Specialist I 11 05-TC MTS SHS SHS1
Shipbuilding Specialist II 15 05-TC MTS SHS SHS2
Shipping Operations Inspector 8 05-TC MTS SOI SHSI
Shipping Operations Specialist I 11 05-TC MTS SHOS SHOS1
Shipping Operations Specialist II 15 05-TC MTS SHOS SHOS2
Shoemaker 4 06-CT BW SMKR SMKR
Shrine Curator I 10 10-EL MSC SC SC1
Shrine Curator II 14 10-EL MSC SC SC2
Shrine Guide 6 10-EL MSC SC SHRG
Slaughterhouse Master I 10 12-TT MOR SHM SHM1
Slaughterhouse Master II 14 12-TT MOR SHM SHM2
Slaughterhouse Master III 18 12-TT MOR SHM SHM3
Slaughterhouse Master IV 22 12-TT MOR SHM SHM4
Slaughterhouse Superintendent 15 12-TT MOR SHSP SHS
Social Welfare Aide 4 07-SS SWD SOCWO SOCWA
Social Welfare Assistant 8 07-SS SWD SOCWO SOCWAS
Social Welfare Officer I 11 07-SS SWD SOCWO SOCWO1
Social Welfare Officer II 15 07-SS SWD SOCWO SOCWO2
Social Welfare Officer III 18 07-SS SWD SOCWO SOCWO3
Social Welfare Officer IV 22 07-SS SWD SOCWO SOCWO4
Social Welfare Officer V 24 07-SS SWD SOCWO SOCWO5
Sociologist I 11 07-SS S SOC SOC1
Sociologist II 15 07-SS S SOC SOC2
Solicitor I 26 15-LJ SL SOL SOL1
Solicitor II 27 15-LJ SL SOL SOL2
Solicitor III 28 15-LJ SL SOL SOL3
Solicitor-General 30 15-LJ SL SOL SOLGEN
Speaker of the House of Representatives 32 19-LS CG MHREP SPKHR
Speaker, Regional Assembly 30 19-LS RLA SRSA SPKRA
Special Agent I 8 14-DS SI SPAG SPAG1
Special Agent II 10 14-DS SI SPAG SPAG2
Special Education Teacher I 13 10-EL SCUT SPET SPET1
Special Education Teacher II 14 10-EL SCUT SPET SPET2
Special Education Teacher III 15 10-EL SCUT SPET SPET3
Special Education Teacher IV 16 10-EL SCUT SPET SPET4
Special Education Teacher V 17 10-EL SCUT SPET SPET5
Special Investigator I 11 14-DS SI SPI SPI1
Special Investigator II 15 14-DS SI SPI SPI2
Special Investigator III 18 14-DS SI SPI SPI3
Special Investigator IV 22 14-DS SI SPI SPI4
Special Investigator V 24 14-DS SI SPI SPI5
Special Operations Officer I 10 07-SS SO SPOO SPOO1
Special Operations Officer II 14 07-SS SO SPOO SPOO2
Special Operations Officer III 18 07-SS SO SPOO SPOO3
Special Operations Officer IV 22 07-SS SO SPOO SPOO4
Special Operations Officer V 24 07-SS SO SPOO SPOO5
Special Police Area Supervisor 19 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPPAS
Special Police Assistant Chief 22 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPPAC
Special Police Captain 13 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPPC
Special Police Chief 24 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPPCH
Special Police Corporal 6 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPC
Special Police Lieutenant 11 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPL
Special Police Major 15 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPPN
Special Police Sergeant 8 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPPSGT
Special Policeman 4 14-DS SPS SPPOL SPPOL
Special Presidential Representative 29 16-FR FS SPR SPR
Special Prosecution Officer I 26 15-LJ SP SPPO SPPO1
Special Prosecution Officer II 27 15-LJ SP SPPO SPPO2
Special Prosecution Officer III 28 15-LJ SP SPPO SPPO3
Special Prosecutor 30 15-LJ SP SPPO SPPROS
Special School Principal I 18 10-EL STCA SPSP SPSP1
Special School Principal II 19 10-EL STCA SPSP SPSP2
Special Science Teacher I 13 10-EL SCUT SPST SPST1
Special Science Teacher II 16 10-EL SCUT SPST SPST2
Special Science Teacher III 19 10-EL SCUT SPST SPST3
Special Science Teacher IV 22 10-EL SCUT SPST SPST4
Special Science Teacher V 24 10-EL SCUT SPST SPST5
Special Trade Representative 26 16-FR FTS SPTR SPTR
Speech Laboratory Technician 6 08-IA AVEO SLT SLT
Speech Therapist I 10 09-MH OPST STH STH1
Speech Therapist II 14 09-MH OPST STH STH2
Speech Transcriber 11 08-IA ID STRNS STRNS
Speechwriter 16 08-IA ID SWR SWR
Sports and Games Inspector I 6 08-IA SDGR SGI SGI1
Sports and Games Inspector II 8 08-IA SDGR SGI SGI2
Sports and Games Regulation Officer I 10 08-IA SDGR SGREGO SGREGO1
Sports and Games Regulation Officer II 14 08-IA SDGR SGREGO SGREGO2
Sports Development Officer I 10 08-IA SDGR SDEVO SDEVO1
Sports Development Officer II 14 08-IA SDGR SDEVO SDEVO2
Sports Development Officer III 18 08-IA SDGR SDEVO SDEVO3
Sports Development Officer IV 22 08-IA SDGR SDEVO SDEVO4
Sports Development Officer V 24 08-IA SDGR SDEVO SDEVO5
State Auditing Examiner I 11 02-FS AFE SA SAEX1
State Auditing Examiner II 13 02-FS AFE SA SAEX2
State Auditor I 16 02-FS AFE SA SA1
State Auditor II 19 02-FS AFE SA SA2
State Auditor III 22 02-FS AFE SA SA3
State Auditor IV 24 02-FS AFE SA SA4
State Auditor V 26 02-FS AFE SA SA5
State Counsel I 24 15-LJ SC STCL STCL1
State Counsel II 25 15-LJ SC STCL STCL2
State Counsel III 26 15-LJ SC STCL STCL3
State Counsel IV 27 15-LJ SC STCL STCL4
State Counsel V 28 15-LJ SC STCL STCL5
Statistical Coordination Officer I 11 03-PS STC SCO SCO1
Statistical Coordination Officer II 13 03-PS STC SCO SCO2
Statistical Coordination Officer III 16 03-PS STC SCO SCO3
Statistical Coordination Officer IV 19 03-PS STC SCO SCO4
Statistical Coordination Officer V 22 03-PS STC SCO SCO5
Statistical Coordination Officer VI 24 03-PS STC SCO SCO6
Statistician Aide 4 03-PS ST STAT STATA
Statistician I 11 03-PS ST STAT STAT1
Statistician II 15 03-PS ST STAT STAT2
Statistician III 18 03-PS ST STAT STAT3
Statistician IV 22 03-PS ST STAT STAT4
Statistician V 24 03-PS ST STAT STAT5
Stenographer I 4 01-GA CSET STENO STENO1
Stenographer II 6 01-GA CSET STENO STENO2
Stenographer III 9 01-GA CSET STENO STENO3
Stenographer to the President 15 01-GA CSET STENP STENPRES
Stenographic Reporter I 7 01-GA CSET STENR STENR1
Stenographic Reporter II 9 01-GA CSET STENR STENR2
Stenographic Reporter III 11 01-GA CSET STENR STENR3
Stenographic Reporter IV 13 01-GA CSET STENR STENR4
Steward 5 17-MS FOS STEW STEW
Stitcher I 2 06-CT PW STIT STIT1
Stitcher II 4 06-CT PW STIT STIT2
Stitcher III 7 06-CT PW STIT STIT3
Storekeeper I 4 01-GA SUM STK STK1
Storekeeper II 6 01-GA SUM STK STK2
Storekeeper III 9 01-GA SUM STK STK3
Storekeeper IV 11 01-GA SUM STK STK4
Student Records Evaluator I 11 10-EL STCA SRE SRE1
Student Records Evaluator II 15 10-EL STCA SRE SRE2
Student Records Evaluator III 18 10-EL STCA SRE SRE3
Student Records Evaluator IV 22 10-EL STCA SRE SRE4
SUC Executive Vice-President 29 10-EL STCA SUCVP SUCVP
SUC Vice-President I 25 10-EL STCA SUCVP SUCVP1
SUC Vice-President II 26 10-EL STCA SUCVP SUCVP2
SUC Vice-President III 27 10-EL STCA SUCVP SUCVP3
SUC Vice-President IV 28 10-EL STCA SUCVP SUCVP4
Superintendent of Printing 26 08-IA PAD SVPP SUPP
Supervising Administrative Officer 22 01-GA ADS ADO SADOF
Supervising Agrarian Reform Program Officer 22 11-AA AGR ARPO SVARPO
Supervising Agriculturist 22 11-AA AGD AG SVAG
Supervising Air Navigation System Specialist 22 04-AE AT ANSS SVANSS
Supervising Air Traffic Controller 22 05-TC AV ATC SVATC
Supervising Airways Communicator 22 05-TC AV ACOM SVAC
Supervising Aquaculturist 22 11-AA AQD AQ SVAQ
Supervising Archivist 22 10-EL ARV ARV SVARC
Supervising Auditing Systems Specialist 22 02-FS AFE ASS SVASS
Supervising Aviation Safety Regulation Officer 22 05-TC AV AVSRO SVASRO
Supervising Bookbinder 16 06-CT PW BKB SVBB
Supervising Budget and Management Specialist 22 02-FS B BMS SVBMS
Supervising Communication Development Officer 22 05-TC CDOR COMDO SVCDO
Supervising Cooperatives Development Specialist 22 12-TT CD CODES SVCDS
Supervising Customs Operations Officer 22 02-FS CO COPO SVCOO
Supervising Defense Research Officer 22 14-DS DR DRO SVDRO
Supervising Economic Development Specialist 22 03-PS ED EDS SVEDS
Supervising Ecosystems Management Specialist 22 11-AA EERM ECOMS SVEMS
Supervising Education Program Specialist 22 10-EL ERPS EPS SVEPS
Supervising Electrotyper 16 06-CT PMO ETYP SVE
Supervising Emigrant Services Officer 22 07-SS ES ESO SVESO
Supervising Energy Regulation Officer 22 11-AA ER ERO SVERO
Supervising Environmental Management Specialist 22 11-AA EERM EMS SVENMS
Supervising Fiber Development Officer 22 11-AA FD FIDO SVFDO
Supervising Fidelity Bond Examiner 22 02-FS BFCP FIBEX SVFBE
Supervising Financial Management Specialist 22 02-FS FO FOMS SVFMS
Supervising Fishing Regulations Officer 22 11-AA AQD FIRO SVFRO
Supervising Foreign Affairs Research Specialist 22 16-FR FAR FOARS SVFARS
Supervising Forest Management Specialist 22 11-AA FA FMS SVFRMS
Supervising Geologist 22 13-MP G GEOL SVGEO
Supervising Health Program Officer 22 09-MH HPD HPO SVHPO
Supervising Historic Sites Development Officer 22 10-EL HSD HISDO SVHSDO
Supervising History Researcher 22 10-EL HR HTRYR SVHR
Supervising Home Management Specialist 22 07-SS HM HOMT SVHMS
Supervising Immigration Officer 22 07-SS IMR IMGO SVIO
Supervising Industrial Design Specialist 22 08-IA I IND SVIDS
Supervising Insurance Specialist 22 12-TT IR INS SVIS
Supervising Investments Specialist 22 12-TT IA IMENTS SVINS
Supervising Judicial Staff Officer 23 01-GA EJLS JS SVJSO
Supervising Labor and Employment Officer 22 07-SS LEMD LEO SVLEO
Supervising Language Researcher 22 10-EL LRES LANRE SVLR
Supervising Legislative Staff Officer I 23 01-GA EJLS LSO SLSO1
Supervising Legislative Staff Officer II 24 01-GA EJLS LSO SLSO2
Supervising Legislative Staff Officer III 25 01-GA EJLS LSO SLSO3
Supervising Local Treasury Examiner 22 02-FS AFE LTEX SVATE
Supervising Manpower Development Officer 22 07-SS LEMD MDO SVMDO
Supervising Maritime Industry Development Specialist 22 05-TC MTS MIDS SVMIDS
Supervising Meat Control Officer 22 09-MH V MCO SVMCO
Supervising Metallurgist 22 13-MP ML MTLL SVM
Supervising News Editor 22 08-IA ID NE SVNE
Supervising Parole Officer 23 07-SS PPA PARO SVPO
Supervising Penal Institution Program Officer 22 07-SS PIM PIPO SVPIPO
Supervising Personnel Specialist 22 01-GA HRM PS SVPS
Supervising Photoengraver 16 06-CT PMO PHOEN SVPH
Supervising Political Affairs Officer 25 07-SS PAF PAO SPAO
Supervising Political Affairs Officer I 22 07-SS PAF PAO SPAO1
Supervising Political Affairs Officer II 23 07-SS PAF PAO SPAO2
Supervising Postal Service Officer 22 05-TC CDOR POST SVPSO
Supervising Pressman 16 06-CT PMO HPMAN SVPM
Supervising Probation Officer 22 07-SS PPA PROB SVPROB
Supervising Professional Regulations Officer 22 07-SS PR PREGO SVPREGO
Supervising Public Utilities Regulation Officer 22 05-TC PUAR PURO SVPURO
Supervising Records Management Analyst 22 01-GA RM RM SVRMA
Supervising Remote Sensing Technologist 22 11-AA RST RST SVRST
Supervising Scholarship Affairs  Officer 22 01-GA HRM SAO SVSAO
Supervising Science Research Specialist 22 13-MP SD SRAS SVSRS
Supervising Securities and Exchange Specialist 22 12-TT SER SECS SVSECS
Supervising Shipbuilding Specialist 22 05-TC MTS SHS SVSS
Supervising Shipping Operations Specialist 22 05-TC MTS SHOS SVSOS
Supervising Shrine Curator 22 10-EL MSC SC SVSC
Supervising Sports and Games Regulation Officer 22 08-IA SDGR SGREGO SVSGO
Supervising Tariff Specialist 22 02-FS RCEP TS SVTS
Supervising Tax Specialist 22 02-FS RCEP TXS SVTXS
Supervising Technical Audit Specialist 22 02-FS AFE TASP SVTAS
Supervising Technical Education and Skills Development Specialist 22 07-SS TESD TESDS SVTESDS
Supervising Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer 22 05-TC CDOR TELTSO SVTTSO
Supervising Tourism Operations Officer 22 12-TT TO TOO SVTOO
Supervising Trade-Industry Development Specialist 22 12-TT TIDR SRTIDS SVTIDS
Supervising Transportation Development Officer 22 05-TC TDR TRNSDO SVTDO
Supervising Transportation Regulation Officer 22 05-TC TDR TRNSRO SVTRO
Supervising Typesetter 16 06-CT PMO TYPS SVT
Supervising Veterans Assistance Officer 22 07-SS VA VETAO SVVAO
Supervising Volunteer Service Officer 22 07-SS SWD VOLSO SVVSO
Supervising Water Resources Development Officer 22 04-AE WRSD WSDO SVWRDO
Supervising Weather Facilities Specialist 21 13-MP WO WFT SVWFS
Supervising Weather Specialist 21 13-MP WO WSP SVWS
Supervisor of Student Teaching 18 10-EL ERPS SVST SVST
Supplies Checker 4 02-FS AFE SCHR SCHR
Supply Officer I 10 01-GA SUM SUO SUO1
Supply Officer II 14 01-GA SUM SUO SUO2
Supply Officer III 18 01-GA SUM SUO SUO3
Supply Officer IV 22 01-GA SUM SUO SUO4
Supply Officer V 24 01-GA SUM SUO SUO5
Surveyman 6 04-AE SZ SURVM SURVM
Tailor 3 06-CT BW MTLOR TLR
Tariff Specialist I 11 02-FS RCEP TS TS1
Tariff Specialist II 15 02-FS RCEP TS TS2
Tax Mapper I 11 04-AE TM TXMA TXM1
Tax Mapper II 15 04-AE TM TXMA TXM2
Tax Mapper III 18 04-AE TM TXMA TXM3
Tax Mapper IV 22 04-AE TM TXMA TXM4
Tax Mapper V 24 04-AE TM TXMA TXM5
Tax Mapping Aide 4 04-AE TM TXMA TXMA
Tax Mapping Examiner 11 04-AE TM TXMEX TXMEX
Tax Specialist I 11 02-FS RCEP TXS TXS1
Tax Specialist II 15 02-FS RCEP TXS TXS2
Teacher Credentials Evaluator I 13 10-EL ERPS TCE TCE1
Teacher Credentials Evaluator II 15 10-EL ERPS TCE TCE2
Teacher Credentials Evaluator III 18 10-EL ERPS TCE TCE3
Teacher I 10 10-EL SCUT TCH TCH1
Teacher II 11 10-EL SCUT TCH TCH2
Teacher III 12 10-EL SCUT TCH TCH3
Teachers' Camp Superintendent 24 17-MS LDS TCSUP TCSUP
Teaching-Aids Specialist 11 10-EL ERPS TAS TAS
Technical Audit Analyst 11 02-FS AFE TASP TAA
Technical Audit Specialist I 13 02-FS AFE TASP TASP1
Technical Audit Specialist II 16 02-FS AFE TASP TASP2
Technical Education and Skills Development Analyst 11 07-SS TESD TESDS TESDA
Technical Education and Skills Development Specialist I 13 07-SS TESD TESDS TESDS1
Technical Education and Skills Development Specialist II 16 07-SS TESD TESDS TESDS2
Technician Education Specialist I 11 10-EL TE TES TES1
Technician Education Specialist II 15 10-EL TE TES TES2
Technician Education Specialist III 18 10-EL TE TES TES3
Technician Education Specialist IV 22 10-EL TE TES TES4
Technician Education Specialist V 24 10-EL TE TES TES5
Telecommunications District Officer 24 05-TC CDOR TELDO TELDO
Telecommunications Traffic Supervisor 18 05-TC CDOR TELTS TELTS
Telegram Carrier 4 05-TC CDOR TELC TELC
Telegraphic Transfer Service Assistant 8 05-TC CDOR TELTSO TELTSA
Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer I 11 05-TC CDOR TELTSO TELTSO1
Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer II 15 05-TC CDOR TELTSO TELTSO2
Test Specialist I 11 01-GA HRM TSP TSP1
Test Specialist II 15 01-GA HRM TSP TSP2
Test Specialist III 18 01-GA HRM TSP TSP3
Test Technician I 6 01-GA HRM TSP TTEC1
Test Technician II 8 01-GA HRM TSP TTEC2
Textbook Editor 11 10-EL ERPS TEXED TEXED
Third Mate 13 05-TC MTS COX THM
Ticket Checker 3 02-FS LTO TCHK TCHK
Toolmaker Foreman 9 06-CT MW TLMK TLMF
Toolmaker General Foreman 11 06-CT MW TLMK TLMGF
Toolmaker I 4 06-CT MW TLMK TLMK1
Toolmaker II 6 06-CT MW TLMK TLMK2
Tourism Operations Assistant 7 12-TT TO TOO TOA
Tourism Operations Officer I 11 12-TT TO TOO TOO1
Tourism Operations Officer II 15 12-TT TO TOO TOO2
Tourist Receptionist I 8 12-TT TO TR TR1
Tourist Receptionist II 10 12-TT TO TR TR2
Tourist Receptionist III 13 12-TT TO TR TR3
Toxicologist I 11 13-MP C TOX TOX1
Toxicologist II 15 13-MP C TOX TOX2
Toxicologist III 18 13-MP C TOX TOX3
Tracer 3 08-IA I TRACE TR
Trade Commissioner 29 12-TT TIDR TRCOM TRCOM
Trade Control Examiner I 11 12-TT TIDR TRCE TRCE1
Trade Control Examiner II 15 12-TT TIDR TRCE TRCE2
Trade Control Examiner III 18 12-TT TIDR TRCE TRCE3
Trade-Industry Development Analyst 11 12-TT TIDR SRTIDS TRIDA
Trade-Industry Development Specialist 15 12-TT TIDR SRTIDS TRIDS
Traffic Aide I 3 14-DS TRO TRFA TRFA1
Traffic Aide II 5 14-DS TRO TRFA TRFA2
Traffic Aide III 7 14-DS TRO TRFA TRFA3
Traffic Operations Officer I 11 14-DS TRO TRFOO TRFOO1
Traffic Operations Officer II 15 14-DS TRO TRFOO TRFOO2
Traffic Operations Officer III 18 14-DS TRO TRFOO TRFOO3
Traffic Operations Officer IV 22 14-DS TRO TRFOO TRFOO4
Traffic Operations Officer V 24 14-DS TRO TRFOO TRFOO5
Training Assistant 8 10-EL SPT TRNSP TRNA
Training Center Superintendent I 22 10-EL STCA TRNCS TRNCS1
Training Center Superintendent II 24 10-EL STCA TRNCS TRNCS2
Training Specialist I 11 10-EL SPT TRNSP TRNSP1
Training Specialist II 15 10-EL SPT TRNSP TRNSP2
Training Specialist III 18 10-EL SPT TRNSP TRNSP3
Training Specialist IV 22 10-EL SPT TRNSP TRNSP4
Training Specialist V 24 10-EL SPT TRNSP TRNSP5
Translator I 8 08-IA T TRNS TRNS1
Translator II 11 08-IA T TRNS TRNS2
Transportation Development Officer I 11 05-TC TDR TRNSDO TRNSDO1
Transportation Development Officer II 15 05-TC TDR TRNSDO TRNSDO2
Transportation Regulation Officer I 11 05-TC TDR TRNSRO TRNSRO1
Transportation Regulation Officer II 15 05-TC TDR TRNSRO TRNSRO2
Treasurer of the Philippines 30 18-ES OM DPT TREAS
Treasury Claims Processor I 6 02-FS BFCP TRECP TRECP1
Treasury Claims Processor II 8 02-FS BFCP TRECP TRECP2
Treasury Operations Assistant 9 02-FS TREO TROO TROA
Treasury Operations Officer I 11 02-FS TREO TROO TROO1
Treasury Operations Officer II 13 02-FS TREO TROO TROO2
Treasury Operations Officer III 16 02-FS TREO TROO TROO3
Treasury Operations Officer IV 19 02-FS TREO TROO TROO4
Tree Marker 2 11-AA FA TMRK TMRK
Tribal Affairs Assistant I 5 07-SS CAD TAA TAA1
Tribal Affairs Assistant II 8 07-SS CAD TAA TAA2
Typesetter I 4 06-CT PMO TYPS TYPS1
Typesetter II 6 06-CT PMO TYPS TYPS2
Typesetter III 9 06-CT PMO TYPS TYPS3
Typesetter IV 11 06-CT PMO TYPS TYPS4
University Extension Associate I 12 10-EL UES UEXSP UEXA1
University Extension Associate II 14 10-EL UES UEXSP UEXA2
University Extension Specialist I 16 10-EL UES UEXSP UEXSP1
University Extension Specialist II 18 10-EL UES UEXSP UEXSP2
University Extension Specialist III 20 10-EL UES UEXSP UEXSP3
University Extension Specialist IV 22 10-EL UES UEXSP UEXSP4
University Extension Specialist V 24 10-EL UES UEXSP UEXSP5
University Professor 30 10-EL SCUT UPROF UNIPROF
University Research Associate I 12 10-EL URS UNIR UNIRA1
University Research Associate II 14 10-EL URS UNIR UNIRA2
University Researcher I 16 10-EL URS UNIR UNIR1
University Researcher II 18 10-EL URS UNIR UNIR2
University Researcher III 20 10-EL URS UNIR UNIR3
University Researcher IV 22 10-EL URS UNIR UNIR4
University Researcher V 24 10-EL URS UNIR UNIR5
University Secretary I 28 10-EL STCA UNISEC UNISEC1
University Secretary II 29 10-EL STCA UNISEC UNISEC2
UP Executive Vice-President 30 10-EL STCA SPRES UPXVP
UP President 31 10-EL STCA SPRES UPREX
UP Vice-President 29 10-EL STCA SUCVP UPVEEP
Utility Foreman 6 06-CT GUS UTW UTF
Utility Worker I 1 06-CT GUS UTW UTW1
Utility Worker II 3 06-CT GUS UTW UTW2
Venom Extractor 4 06-CT LS VENEX VENEX
Veterans Assistance Officer I 11 07-SS VA VETAO VETAO1
Veterans Assistance Officer II 15 07-SS VA VETAO VETAO2
Veterinarian I 13 09-MH V VET VET1
Veterinarian II 16 09-MH V VET VET2
Veterinarian III 19 09-MH V VET VET3
Veterinarian IV 22 09-MH V VET VET4
Veterinarian V 24 09-MH V VET VET5
Veterinarian VI 26 09-MH V VET VET6
Veterinarian VII 28 09-MH V VET VET7
Vice President of the Philippines 32 18-ES CE VEEP VEEP
Vice Presidential Staff Officer I 11 01-GA EJLS VPSO VPSO1
Vice Presidential Staff Officer II 13 01-GA EJLS VPSO VPSO2
Vice Presidential Staff Officer III 16 01-GA EJLS VPSO VPSO3
Vice Presidential Staff Officer IV 19 01-GA EJLS VPSO VPSO4
Vice Presidential Staff Officer V 22 01-GA EJLS VPSO VPSO5
Vice Presidential Staff Officer VI 24 01-GA EJLS VPSO VPSO6
Virologist 11 13-MP BT BARL VIRO
Vocational Instruction Supervisor I 16 10-EL SCUT VOCIS VOCIS1
Vocational Instruction Supervisor II 17 10-EL SCUT VOCIS VOCIS2
Vocational Instruction Supervisor III 18 10-EL SCUT VOCIS VOCIS3
Vocational Placement Coordinator I 13 10-EL ERPS VOCPC VOCPC1
Vocational Placement Coordinator II 15 10-EL ERPS VOCPC VOCPC2
Vocational Placement Coordinator III 18 10-EL ERPS VOCPC VOCPC3
Vocational School Administrator I 22 10-EL STCA VOCSA VOCSA1
Vocational School Administrator II 23 10-EL STCA VOCSA VOCSA2
Vocational School Administrator III 24 10-EL STCA VOCSA VOCSA3
Vocational School Dean 24 10-EL STCA VOCSD VOCSD
Vocational School Department Head 20 10-EL ERPS VOCSDH VOCSDH
Vocational School Superintendent 25 10-EL STCA VOCSS VOCSS
Vocational School Superintendent I 25 10-EL STCA VOCSS VOCSS1
Vocational School Superintendent II 26 10-EL STCA VOCSS VOCSS2
Volunteer Service Officer I 10 07-SS SWD VOLSO VOLSO1
Volunteer Service Officer II 14 07-SS SWD VOLSO VOLSO2
Waiter I 2 17-MS FOS WAIT WAIT1
Waiter II 4 17-MS FOS WAIT WAIT2
Ward Assistant 7 09-MH N WARDA WARDA
Wardress I 5 14-DS CSS WARD WARD1
Wardress II 7 14-DS CSS WARD WARD2
Warehouse Inspector 7 01-GA SUM WHI WHI
Warehouseman I 6 01-GA SUM WH WH1
Warehouseman II 8 01-GA SUM WH WH2
Warehouseman III 11 01-GA SUM WH WH3
Warehouseman IV 13 01-GA SUM WH WH4
Watchman I 2 14-DS CSS WCHM WCHM1
Watchman II 4 14-DS CSS WCHM WCHM2
Watchman III 7 14-DS CSS WCHM WCHM3
Water Pump Operator 4 05-TC PUAR WWS WPO
Water Resources Development Officer I 12 04-AE WRSD WSDO WRDO1
Water Resources Development Officer II 16 04-AE WRSD WSDO WRDO2
Water System Development Assistant 8 04-AE WRSD WSDO WSDA
Water System Development Officer I 12 04-AE WRSD WSDO WSDO1
Water System Development Officer II 16 04-AE WRSD WSDO WSDO2
Water System Development Officer III 19 04-AE WRSD WSDO WSDO3
Waterworks Superintendent I 18 05-TC PUAR WWS WWS1
Waterworks Superintendent II 22 05-TC PUAR WWS WWS2
Waterworks Supervisor 14 05-TC PUAR WWS WWS
Waterworks Technician 6 05-TC PUAR WWS WWT
Weather Facilities Specialist I 15 13-MP WO WFT WFS1
Weather Facilities Specialist II 17 13-MP WO WFT WFS2
Weather Facilities Specialist III 19 13-MP WO WFT WFS3
Weather Facilities Technician I 9 13-MP WO WFT WFT1
Weather Facilities Technician II 11 13-MP WO WFT WFT2
Weather Facilities Technician III 13 13-MP WO WFT WFT3
Weather Observation Aide 4 13-MP WO WOB WOA
Weather Observer I 9 13-MP WO WOB WOB1
Weather Observer II 11 13-MP WO WOB WOB2
Weather Observer III 13 13-MP WO WOB WOB3
Weather Observer IV 15 13-MP WO WOB WOB4
Weather Services Chief 24 13-MP WO WSP WSCH
Weather Specialist I 15 13-MP WO WSP WSP1
Weather Specialist II 17 13-MP WO WSP WSP2
Welder Foreman 9 06-CT MW WELD WELDF
Welder I 4 06-CT MW WELD WELD1
Welder II 6 06-CT MW WELD WELD2
Well Driller I 3 06-CT GUS WD WD1
Well Driller II 5 06-CT GUS WD WD2
Well Drilling Supervisor I 9 06-CT GUS WD WDS1
Well Drilling Supervisor II 10 06-CT GUS WD WDS2
Work Order Tracer 3 08-IA PAD WOT WOT
Youth Development Assistant I 5 07-SS SWD YDO YDA1
Youth Development Assistant II 8 07-SS SWD YDO YDA2
Youth Development Officer I 10 07-SS SWD YDO YDO1
Youth Development Officer II 14 07-SS SWD YDO YDO2
Youth Development Officer III 18 07-SS SWD YDO YDO3
Youth Development Officer IV 22 07-SS SWD YDO YDO4
Youth Development Officer V 24 07-SS SWD YDO YDO5
Zoning Inspector I 6 04-AE SZ ZI ZI1
Zoning Inspector II 8 04-AE SZ ZI ZI2
Zoning Officer I 11 04-AE SZ ZO ZO1
Zoning Officer II 15 04-AE SZ ZO ZO2
Zoning Officer III 18 04-AE SZ ZO ZO3
Zoning Officer IV 22 04-AE SZ ZO ZO4
Zoologist I 11 13-MP Z ZOOL ZOOL1
Zoologist II 15 13-MP Z ZOOL ZOOL2
Zoologist III 18 13-MP Z ZOOL ZOOL3
Zoologist IV 22 13-MP Z ZOOL ZOOL4
Zoologist V 24 13-MP Z ZOOL ZOOL5
Zoology Technician 6 13-MP Z ZOOL ZOOT