The Department of Budget and Management issued Budget Circular No. 2021-2, to provide the guidelines on the upgrading of the salary grade (SG) of Nurse II positions from SG-15 to SG-16, as well as the retention of position attributes of previous Nurse III to Nurse VII with their corresponding SG.

It may be recalled that the DBM issued Budget Circular No. 2020-4 on July 17, 2020 which upgraded the salary of the Nurse I position from SG-11 to SG-15. This resulted in the modification of the position attributes of the remaining non-entry level nurse positions. However, with the issuance of Budget Circular No. 2021-2, the original position attributes are reinstated with only the salaries of Nurse I and Nurse II positions upgraded to SG-15 and SG-16, respectively.

The table below provides a summary of the modifications made: 


Prior to 

 BC No. 2020-4

BC No. 2020-4

effective January 1, 2020

BC No. 2021-2 

effective June 1, 2021

Position Title SG Position Title SG Position Title SG
Nurse I 11 Nurse I 15 Nurse I 15
Nurse II 15 Nurse I 15 Nurse II 16
Nurse III 17 Nurse II 17 Nurse III 17
Nurse IV 19 Nurse III 19 Nurse IV 19
Nurse V 20 Nurse IV 20 Nurse V 20
Nurse VI 22 Nurse V 22 Nurse VI 22
Nurse VII 24 Nurse VI 24 Nurse VII 24

The provisions stipulated in Budget Circular No. 2021-2 shall be effective not earlier than June 1, 2021. The DBM would like to emphasize that the modification of the position attributes will not result in the reduction in the salary of the incumbent nurses.

Moreover, the new salary rates will be guided by the Second Tranche Monthly Salary Schedule for the National Government, pursuant to National Budget Circular No. 584 and will be adjusted at the same salary steps as those of previous SG allocation of their positions. 

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