Of the PhP84.997 billion allocation for the FY 2018 Basic Education Facilities Fund (BEFF), PhP84.887 billion—or approximately 99.9% of the fund—has been released to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) as of November 19, 2018.


The BEFF is an annual budget for the school building program of the Department of Education and of the Department of Public Works and Highways.


Of the PhP84.997 allocation for FY 2018, around PhP84.7 billion will be used for construction of buildings, provision of water and sanitation facilities, provision of electrical supply, and improvement and maintenance of existing school facilities. Meanwhile, the remaining PhP213 million will cover Engineering and Administrative overhead expenses related to the construction activities.


The PhP84.887 billion is a sum that reflects the amounts indicated in five (5) Special Allotment Release Orders, each funding a batch of BEFF projects. The first batch of projects was enclosed in a release worth PhP44.2 billion which was issued last April 30; the second batch worth PhP730.8 million was released last October 5; the third batch worth PhP765.1 million was released last October 18; the fourth batch worth PhP33.9 billion was released last October 22; and the fifth batch worth PhP5.2 billion was released last November 19. This leaves the BEFF with a balance of PhP109.3 million.


The  sum of PhP84.887 billion will result in the construction of 33,828 classrooms in 4,780 sites across the country.






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