1. Provide policy advisory and support services to the DBM Central Office, Regional Development Councils (RDCs), Regional Inter-Agency Teams (RIATs), Regional Inter-Agency Committees (RIACs), Project Monitoring Committees (PMCs) and other regional policy-making bodies, as may be appropriate;
  2. Plan and undertake budget preparation and execution activities for SUCs and decentralized agencies with transactions delegated to Regional Offices (ROs);
  3. Review the budgets of provinces, highly urbanized cities, and independent component cities to ensure compliance with the Local Government Code (LGC) of 1991, its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), and other applicable laws, rules and regulations issued by competent authorities;
  4. Administer/manage the Government Manpower Information System (GMIS) of SUCs and decentralized agencies delegated to ROs;
  5. Provide advisory and technical assistance to LGUs, decentralized agency coverages and Local Water Districts (LWDs) and advocate the implementation of PFM and procurement reforms, among others, in the regions, as may be appropriate;
  6. Evaluate and approve organizational and staffing modifications inclusive of action on compensation and position classification matters, of SUCs, decentralized agency coverages, and LWDs;
  7. Release of funds to SUCs, decentralized agency coverages, in accordance with the provisions of the annual General Appropriations Act (GAA);
  8. Monitor and evaluate the performance of SUCs and decentralized agency coverages;
  9. Monitor the conduct of PFM assessment by LGUs, and the preparation and implementation of PFM Improvement Plans, and subsequent updates thereof;
  10. Provide inputs to the DBM Central Office on the status of major programs and projects of SUCs and LGUs, in the regions, and decentralized budgets of NGAs, as may be appropriate;
  11. Evaluate and recommend actions on requests for authority to purchase motor vehicles of SUCs, LGUs and other decentralized agencies;
  12. Respond to queries on budgetary or compensation-related matters of LGUs, SUCs and other agencies concerned in the regions;
  13. Ensure that the reportorial requirements for all Allocations to LGUs are being complied with the LGUs; and
  14. Monitor and evaluate the programs/projects/activities funded under the Local Government Support Fund, particularly under Assistance to Cities, and Financial Assistance to LGUs, and others as may be instructed by the Secretary.



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