Posted on May 16, 2012 by in News

    Budget and Management Secretary Florencio B. Abad confirmed that government employees are scheduled to receive their midyear bonus by May 15, in accordance with Budget Circular 2010-1 on the provision of year-end bonuses and cash gifts.

    Under the 2012 General Appropriations Act (GAA), a total of P20.6 billion has been allotted for the bonuses and incentives of all government department and agencies. This amount was comprehensively released by Department of Budget and Management (DBM) on the first working day of the year, together with other budgetary items under the departments’ respective Agency Budget Matrices (ABMs).

    “All government workers should have received half of their 13th month bonus and cash gift by May 15. This covers all agency and civilian employees, military and uniformed personnel, and all barangay officials and employees,” Abad said.

    He added that officials and employees of state universities and colleges (SUCs), government-owned or -controlled corporations (GOCCs), government financial institutions (GFIs), and local government units (LGUs) are likewise covered by the Budget Circular.

    The year-end bonus—half of which is distributed to government workers before June—is equivalent to a month’s worth of basic pay. Besides this, government employees will also receive 50 percent of the prescribed annual cash gift, set at P5,000 per employee.

    Abad clarified that only employees who have rendered at least four months of service from January 1 to April 30 of this year will receive a midyear bonus. The remaining balance will be distributed to all employees by year-end, but no earlier than November 15, 2012.

    He said that funding for the midyear perks and cash gifts of agency and SUC employees will be charged against agency appropriations as indicated in the 2012 GAA. Meanwhile, bonuses for GOCC and GFI employees will be charged against their corporate funds, and LGU worker benefits will be culled from their respective local government funds.

    “The prompt distribution of midyear bonuses is part and parcel of the Aquino administration’s commitment to look after all public servants and government workers. The schedule for the bonus isn’t coincidental—it’s timed so that employees receive a cash boost in the middle of the year, when tuition fees are due and households are gearing  up for the rainy season ahead,” Abad said.

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